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Name: Mikay
Gender: Female
Nationality: America

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Mikay’s Naruto Cosplays!

1. Anime: Naruto

Character: Lady Tsunade


Comment: These photos were taken by JRM Photography. I had a lot of fun picking a random yet interesting place to take the photoshoot. The lighting used is all natural sunlight, and the water was very warm! I really hope everyone likes all the photos!


2. Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Character: Gaara


Comment: Photos were taken by a cousin of mine. It was during the spring when the cherry blossom tree in her back yeard was in full bloom, so we took the opportunity to get a photoshoot in. I adore Gaara so much! He’s definatly one of my favorite characters in Naruto. 🙂



Here’s an simple interview:



Q: Which Naruto costume listed as prizes do you most want?

A: I would have to pick Shippuden Hinata . I’ve been wanting to cosplay her for a while now, she’s just so cute. 🙂

Q: Are you often photographed? Since many cosplayer (especially beginners) feel nervous or unnatural while facing the lens, would you like to sharing us some experience or skills here?

A: I’m photographed a decent amount to never be shy about it. Especially at conventions I attend. But besides that I have a few photographer friends who take professional photos for me. I use to be very shy in front of the camera, but I always keep in mind that while in cosplay, I can be this character! Maybe being shy looking fits them, if not, then try roleplaying with friends to get more into character. Doing this in front of the camera helps bring the character to life!

Q: Is there any cosplay plan you are rather interested in yet not able to do it due to some reasons? And what is your next plan?

A: My next cosplay plan is Ukraine from Hetalia. Currently, due to money issues, I’ve not started on her, but hope to before the next convention I plan to attend. I tend to pick characters that fit me by personality and my appearence, so Ukraine interested me alot!


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See the Prizes. Naruto cosplay is the theme for sponsor contest in December. So, ten Naruto costumes are picked out as prizes for winners. Click each of them to go to the product page, where detailed information about the costume can be seen. Each winner can choose any ONE from these costumes.

Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay CostumeNaruto Sasuke Uchiha in Part II Cosplay CostumeNaruto Kakashi Hatake Cosplay CostumeNaruto Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay CostumeNaruto Gaara Cosplay Costume Purple Naruto Hinata Cosplay CostumeNaruto Temari Cosplay CostumeNaruto Shippuden Sakura Haruno Casual Cosplay CostumeNaruto Green Tsunade Cosplay costumeNaruto Shippuden Tenten Cosplay Costume

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