Couple Cosplay Contest – Mason Monds and Shaina Glinski

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Mason Monds Shaina Glinski
Gender Male Female
Nationality USA
Facebook Facebook Facebook
Deviantart Deviantart
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers I am 27 and have a 4 year old son. My girlfriend Shay is 22. She is a full time college student about to graduate. We both enjoy cosplaying and watching anime. We met on campus and it was awesome from the start. We just attended Ohayocon and are about to start going to every con we can find. She is the best support for me and my cosplay and I support her as best as I can too! She is AMAZING!! 😀

Let’s Enjoy Cosplay Performance of Mason Monds and Shaina Glinski’s!

IMG_1074 1

Comments from the Cosplayers: orihime being protected by ichigo.

IMG_1074 1

Comments from the Cosplayers: Ichigo with orihime hiding behind his sword.

IMG_1074 1

Comments from the Cosplayers: Orihime looking content after a battle fought by ichigo.

Here’s a simple interview:
Q: How did you know this contest? Is it easy to join in or do you have any advice for it? Since there will be many other contests held here, which theme do you most expect to see later?

A: I found out after the Bleach contest. Its a vague contest but seems simple to join. I would expect to see a lot of Soul Eater, Bleach, and other heavy couple fixed animes.

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay theme? And what’s your best cosplay performance?

A: Our favorite cosplay is Ichigo and Orihime. Best performance was at Ohayocon. and the bleach contest.

Q: What do you think about cosplay? Share us something good and bad on this performance art in your opinion.

A: I think it is amazing. Its great to become a character you love. Its difficult to get the cosplay right and make sure you are comfortable in it for hours.

Q: We will be interested in knowing some difficulties you met while cosplay. And how did you overcome them?

A: My Ichigo and her Orihime both require certain items. Ichigo needs ace bandages and Orihime for her needs fake breasts. These are painful but if you love it enough you do not mind and realize it and move on through the day. Whine about it later lol :D:D


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Winners Announced!!!

Bleach cosplay contest and Axis Powers Hetalia fanart contest have both ended yesterday. Since 15 people joined in the Bleach contest and 13 people applied for the Hetalia contest, there should be 2 winners for each contest as promised. See the winner list below.

Bleach Contest

Mason Monds

Top 1: Mason Monds (699 votes = 688 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 11 extra votes).

Michelle Garcia

Top 2: Michelle Garcia (305 votes = 295 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Axis Powers Hetalia Contest

La Tobba

Top 1: La Tobba (113 votes = 103 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).


Top 2: Italian Pasta (97 votes = 87 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Congratulations :P. Today, we will announce contest themes for February here. To win a free cosplay costume and popularize yourself, don’t be hesitant to send us your application form now!!!

Bleach Cosplay Contest in January – Mason Monds


Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Mason Monds
Gender: Male
Nationality: USA

Social Networks:


My name is Mason. I am 27 and a single father. I have Ichigo, Rukia, and Orihime tattoed on my right arm. I am a huge Bleach fan. I have both Ichigo’s swords and Rukia’s Shikai. I am a professional photographer and love cosplay and anime.


Mason‘s Bleach Cosplay Performance

Character: Ichigo


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know our contest? And how much have you known about

A: I saw it and others on Facebook. I know pretty little.

Q: Is Bleach cosplay your favorite theme? Which character from Bleach do you most like? Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?

A: Yes bleach is my favorite. I love Ichigo and Zaraki.

Q: What’s your first cosplay? How do you think about it? Is there any photo shared with us?

A: Bankai Ichigo. Shopped and customer service was amazing.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan recently? Or which cosplay convention are you interested in taking part in?

A: Ohayocon! Jan 27-29

Q: How long will you continue to do cosplay? Or do you think you will do it all the time? What does cosplay mean to you? Is there any element rather attractive for you?

A: I would do cosplay everyday if I could . I will be doing cosplay as long as I can!

Q: We will be interested to know the most memorable moment you got during cosplay.

A: My son running up to me yelling Ichigo!!!

Q: It’s believed our cosplay fans will be grateful if you can share us with your experience in this performance art. What’s the most important aspect for a cosplay beginner?

A: Getting the right cosplay and becoming the character.

Q: Do your family members support you? Do you often talk about your cosplay works with them? Do they also love what you’ve done?

A: Yes they do. I constantly speak of dressing up as Ichigo.


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2-Giada Robin

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For Women:

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