How to Crossplay (Male to Female)?

Male-to-female crossplay requires males to dress up as female characters. But this is unequal to easily put on a woman’s dress. To make up to cover male features like joint, shoulder breadth and facial form is necessary. Substantial items are needed to help males seem more beautiful. Also, attire and makeup are essential. Males who plan to crossplay don’t need to be pretty and slim. Here I list some tips, just grasp those tips.

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Tip 1: decrease differences between males and females’ physiques.

1. Body silhouettes between men and women are different. Females’ faces and body outlines seem curvilinear. But silhouettes on males are straight. To fit into women’s wear, fat males need to lose weight firstly. Besides, men can make their waists much slimmer and asses as protruding as women’s by exercise.

2. Women have less body hair than men. Exuberant body hair will damage the beautiful sense. It’s a must to deal with body hair on some exposed parts and especially beards.

3. Hair is a symbol for females. It’s often said to be life for females. Long hair is a symbol for femininity. Men can remain long hair or put on a cosplay wig to accent the feminine sense.

Tip 2: choose the costume.

1. Select the underwear. Even though underwear can’t be seen when clothes are put on, males are asked to wear a bra to show up the shape of chest. Thus, undergarment becomes a must-have item in women’s wear. Males can fill something into the cup to make their chest as plump as they want. But an extremely large breast will seem unnatural. Cup C is okay. Silk stockings can make legs seem more slender and wearers will also seem much sexier. In this case, you don’t need to unhair too.

Tips: You may need the quick start tutorial on how to make fake big boobs.

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2. Select clothes to conceal males’ body outlines.

i. Make wide shoulders seem narrower. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or dresses. Choose dresses with ribbon or lace clothes that seem lightsome and dreamlike. A harmonious volume between the waistline and shoulders will help you seem better.

“Alice transsexuals group” from China

ii. Hide knees and ankles. Males’ features are easily discovered on knees and ankles. In any case, men’s knees and ankles will seem stouter. It’s of great necessity to hide them while wearing women’s wear. The simplest way is to wear trousers like jeans. Besides, wear shoes that make ankles less obvious, like tall boots. Knees will be seen anyhow while wearing dresses. Just put on stockings.

iii. Hide the shape of hands. Gloves are the best method. If the cosplay role doesn’t wear gloves, you can wear a large bracelet, which helps your hands seem smaller.

iv. Select the cosplay wig. Men with lanky face shapes will make their faces seem rather long if using long wig. Thus, they should choose middle or short wig that reaches to the shoulder. If the wig color is bright, the volume of hair will become much bigger. Thus, choose wig with less hair.

Tip 3: Make up.

Huge transformations can be made by cosmetics, which will totally change people’s images. To make the facial silhouette more obvious or to make men with dark skin tones seem more feminine, making-up is a must. Below is a frequently used cosmetic checklist. Make sure you have already gotten them ready first of all.

Eyebrow tweezers
Eyebrow cut
Makeup cotton
Facial tissues
Cosmetics case
Facial cleanser
Makeup remover
Color corrector
Foundation make-up
Lip brush
Lip liner
Lip gloss
Eye shadow
Eye black
Eyebrow pencil
Nail polish

How to use these cosmetics can be learned from make-up forums. Then, pay special attention to these points:

1. More obvious edges can be seen on males’ faces. To emphasize these edges while making up will make the appearance more chiseled.

2. Foundation make-up can help the complexion seem whiter. But don’t make it so white that a big difference forms among face, neck and shoulders. This won’t seem natural.

3. Spots and pockmark on face can be hidden by concealer.

4. Men’s eyebrows are thicker and darker than women’s. To tweeze or draw the eyebrows by eyebrow pencil to be thinner is better.

Tip 4: Notice the gesture while going out.

Gender can be distinguished not only by face, but also by figure, attire, hairstyle, movement and gesture. That is to say, even though you are rather masculine and tall, you can well dissimulate and become rather feminine.

1. Make your body shape feminine. Bra and filler can make a plump chest. Corrective underwear can help the hip seem perfectly round. Corset can make the waist more slender. Underskirt can be used to hide the hipline.

2. Make your gesture feminine. Stretch the waist and look at the front horizontally. Don’t split your legs to be too wide. Walk slowly and lightly. Keep legs together while standing and sitting.

3. Take photos. Hide defective parts while taking a photo, such as shoulder width, elbow, knees, hands and height. Keep arms on the back and lean on the wall; you can hide your arms. When the picture is taken with camera placed around your knees, you will seem rather slim and shoulders will seem much narrower. Like this picture below.

A book named “Wanna be a pretty girl!” and a program called “Josou Paradise” in Japan show us useful tips on male-to-female crossplay.

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