Maid Lolita Photo Contest – Win Sweet Branded Lolita Dress

Vocaloid cosplay Contest in April was launched in the beginning of April. Here comes another contest for April – Maid Lolita Photo Contest. As the title suggests, only maid lolita photos are accepted. Finally, there will be one or two participants winning out (depends on the number of the participants). Both of them will be sponsored with a specific sweet & elegant branded lolita dress in our store. Now take your chance to win it!

How to Join?

Once you have a good maid lolita photo, send it to our email – miccostume[@] (remove the “[]” while sending your email). In addition, please also send us your information listed below.

Personal or social sites:
A brief introduction about yourself and the photo:

Important notes:
Only people in the photo are allowed to participate in the contest.
Group shots will not be accepted. Send us a photo with just you in any maid lolita costume.
The photo needs to be at least 500px wide.

Time Limit for the Contest

The contest will be launched at April 12th 0:00 and ended at April 30th 24:00 (New York Time). Winners will be announced on May 1st.

Prizes for the Winners is the authorization business agent of a few famous Lolita Brands in China, like Dear Celine, Classical Puppets, Infanta, White Moon, etc. The prizes of this contest will be provided by White Moon and Dear Celine.

The number of winners will be decided by the number of the participants! We will set 1 winner if less than 10 people join in the contest. 2 winners will be picked out if more than 10 people take part in. Here below are the prizes for the winners.

First prize: a White Moon Lolita Dress

Second prize: a Dear Celine Lolita Dress

We offer regular sizes and custom made sizes. The winners can get their lolita dresses that fit perfectly. Besides, each participant will be offered a 5% coupon code on their purchasing on our site.

How to Vote?

Your maid lolita photo and information will be posted on our Deviantart. Everyone can vote for you via clicking “Add to Favorites” or leaving a comment. Every “Fave” or comment is counted as one vote. Just remember, comments from the same fan will be counted as one vote only, and comments from the organizer and cosplayer do not count 🙁 .

To win the beautiful lolita dress, don’t be hesitant to join in our Maid Lolita Photo Contest now! Good luck to everybody 😀 !