Daily Cosplay – Hetalia: Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay

Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay
Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay1

I’m sure you will fall in love with what’s shared today in our excellent cosplay works category. This is the Philippine girl, who is known as LolitaMYangel or あみ–Ami at deviantart.com. She is fond of Lolita fashion (it can be detected also from her cosplay work displayed here :D), cosplay, yaoi and gyaru make up. I do want to applaud for most cosplay works done by her and especially the photo she used for the ID! Then, focus on her Hetalia: Axis Powers Belarus cosplay here. She seems rather graceful & feminine, right? The dress does finish ideal accentuation on her femininity. The blond hair also perfectly flatters her white complexion. Why not pay a visit to her gallery to see more?