Top 10 Cosplay Ideas For Your Dogs

Yesterday after finish our work, Sado (our market manager) sent me a email about a post “12 cosplay cats” , which was really touch me and i thought i should find some materials to post article about our lovely puppy as well, of course , they are not the normal dogs but  —– !!!!  ” Cosplay Dogs

1.Star War Cosplay Dog

This dog dress as Darth Vader, personal think he choose the right anime to cosplay, Really cute.

2. Bat Man And Super Man Dog Cosplay

These two super hero dogs will fight the evil together ! Don’t you think police dogs should dress up as anime/comic hero, good and honest people will love them better and for the bad guys, they will think more before their work ,right? 🙂

3.Harry Potter Dog Cosplay

It’s nerd,so which character the dog cosplay?

4.Hello Kitty Dog Cosplay

the dog must be unhappy  ,  ” i hate cats , they take my bones away !!”

5.Zelda Link Dog Cosplay

you know the forest need you budy, why stay at home around the sofa,go out to fight for people .!!

6. Super mario Cosplay Dog

hey , Luigi, where is your brother mario, princess miss him 🙂

7.Naruto Cosplay Dog

” hey man, where is my ninja sandals ? Do you think i can live without it ?”

8.Pokemon Pikachu Dog Cosplay

photo from rhirhi

damm cute ,right? pikachu is really happy on his head 🙂

9. Death Note Cosplay Dog

Ryuuk and Akamaru=best friends ever XD
photo from kitcath.chunky

“hey, im the death’s bitching !!”  🙂

10. Dog Cosplay Food

photo from 9bag

So do you have other dog cosplay ideas?  why not take your dogs or cats to go to anime convention with u ?