Top 10 Cosplay Boys You Wanna Date

In our last post , we talked about  “ Top 10 Charming Cosplay Girls You Wanna Date”. And also, many cosplay girls look forward to making an appointment with cosplay boys who seem rather cool and handsome. This time, top 10 cosplay boys you will want to date are displayed below.

Top 1: Roxas Cosplay Boy

At the first glimpse, I even felt this boy looked so similar with Justin Bieber. Do you also think so? Yes, he is an excellent cosplayer for Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts cosplay . The blond hair with sharp edges made by gel paste perfectly, matching great with his oval face type. The white jacket decorated by red collar and black stripes wonderfully slim his silhouette. He definitely choose a good anime to cosplay , which carries a similar complexion and body shape with him. Cute, isn’t he?

Top 2: Cloud Strife Cosplay Boy

Final Fantasy is a theme of eternal allure for anime fans. This boy did a good job in Cloud Strife cosplay. The totally black outfit adds cool touches to his appearance. It seems like blond hair edged with sharp angles is a popular hairstyle on those fictional roles. If you are cosplay tifa, then to make an appointment with him will be a good experience?

Top 3: Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay Boy

Even though different people hold diverse appetite for those fantastic anime stories, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach is still loved by lots of people. The cool appearance presented by this boy exactly amazes almost each participant on the show. The black cosplay costume lined by white shirt inside makes his body shape seem rather slim. Sharp katana, blood stains on the hand and corner of the mouth make him look and feel more like real Ichigo Kurosaki. Such a handsome look certainly deserves attention as well!

Top 4: Lavi Rabi Cosplay Boy

Kaname is one of the most popular professional cosplayers nowadays. Being born on March 5, 1979 and 170 CM high, this boy have successfully impersonated so many anime roles, such as Lavi Rabi in D.GRAY MAN, Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy, Kaito in Vocaloid, Asato in Lamento, etc. He owns a rather slim figure and usually looks great with lots of anime roles. This time, the black outfit with red shawl definitely enables him to show his best once again. He seems like being destined to be an excellent cosplayer. Even one eye is hidden by a blinder, his appeal is not covered at all.

Top 5: Leon Kennedy Cosplay Boy

William is another famous cosplayer at present. He will be glad to hear friends call him Blues or Billy. Having been engaged in cosplay since 2008, he has gained incomparable reputation amongst the large quantity of cosplay lovers. Because of being not good at making costumes, most of his anime outfits are bought. Keeping a high passion for life, he is usually found on his Xbox or outdoors chilling with his friends. Here, he looks the same with real Leon Kennedy—a powerful man in Resident Evil. His bonny figure is wonderfully flattered by the black zentai suit. Leather belts, gloves and the gun are all crucial elements to accent his masculinity.

Top 6: Light Yagami Cosplay Boy

When large sized wings are put on, the handsome style becomes more fantastic instantly. This boy spares no efforts to make him look the same with real Light Yagami and honestly speaking, he really did well. His slim figure is the first guarantee that enables him to perform well. Second, the calm expression in his eyes makes us see a vivid Light Yagami undoubtedly. In the Death Note cosplay , this man definitely becomes a bright spot. What will be the feeling if dating with him?

Top 7: Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay Boy

The cool look presented by Noctis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy Versus XIII really leaves a deep impression on lots of anime lovers. This boy – JUNsan makes his Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay style to be noticed and applauded firstly because of his slim silhouette. Believe it or not, to choose a role whose body shape is similar with yours will help you perform much better. Second, the brilliant appearance becomes more appealing while being decorated by a totally black anime outfit. Finally, over 95% similarities are covered on his cosplay appearance, seeming really cool.

Top 8:  Russia Cosplay Boy

Seldom have I found a more smart appearance than this. An excellent cosplay boy for Russia is found in the Hetalia cosplay . Seeming amazingly similar with real Russia, this boy found the ideal cosplay costume to enhance his complexion and entire look. The grey wind coat becomes more effective in slimming the silhouette when being decorated by black strips. An understated clothing style enables him to show his best. The golden yellow hair definitely becomes finishing touch that perfectly matches his simple, yet cool look.

Top 9:  Dante Cosplay Boy

He seems having been ready for battle, right? It’s totally believed Dante from Devil may cry will be one of the best anime roles Abessinier can cosplay. The tall figure is perfectly adorned by the red overcoat and brown leather trousers. Like the sharp & long sword, the breast band is also an important element that accents his masculinity. So far, I have never found any defect on this Dante cosplay style. And I really feel curious about how many girls are attracted by such a rakish appearance. Do you also look forward to making an appointment with Abessinier?

Top 10: Allen Walker Cosplay Boy

Surprisingly similar cosplay costume makes you feel the same with real Allen Walker in D.GRAY Man. This boy definitely looks so similar with Allen Walker from top to toes. The white hair, black outfit decorated by white cape and sharp claw are strictly made to ensure over 95% similarities. It’s believed to feel like real Allen Walker will be interesting. This time, curves on his body are not clearly shown. But a cool appearance is still completed, making him attention center.

Is there cosplay boy you like? So why not try to find a cosplay lover to be with you in every Valentine’s Day ? 🙂