New Arrival on Mar. 20 – Le Chevalier DEon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay Costume

Le Chevalier DEon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay Costume

Today stunning Le Chevalier DEon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay Costume is reviewed. You surely can be the one who catches the most attention at the show or party with this costume! Ordering it at, you will never feel sorry. Here you will enjoy fast shipping worldwide. Besides, you can get quick replies to your questions. Just feel free to contact us via email, phone, or live support chat.

Le Chevalier DEon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay Costume1

The costume for Lia de Beaumont from Le Chevalier DEon comes with a blouse, skirt, apron, headwear, and neckband. Each part is designed exactly according to what the original character wears. Just bring Lia de Beaumont into life! The costume features classy cotton, which is comfortable, durable and easy to be cleaned.

Le Chevalier DEon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay Costume2

No matter what figure you have, you can get the costume fits you perfectly. Women sizes ranging from S to XL and custom made sizes are available. Please fill in your measurements including height, waist, hip and height when you place an order, if you choose custom made size. This gorgeous costume is sold at $79.95. Check it out at now!

Daily Cosplay – Le Chevalier D’Eon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay

Le Chevalier D'Eon Lia de Beaumont Cosplay

Different people hold diverse appreciation standards for beauty. This does make sense on many choices they make. Also, while choosing a cartoon character to be cosplayed, this also becomes true. You may like to cosplay a role because of his/her pretty clothing style or personality. Anyway, once you can make you look the same with him/her, you will win applauding for your performance. Above girl definitely draws most attention by a stunning Le Chevalier D’Eon Lia de Beaumont cosplay performance. She comes from German, known as CherubJibril on DA. The purple dress makes her white complexion ideally accentuated. And her weapon seems so cool, right? Except this one, she also does well in One Piece Princess cosplay, Kotori Monou cosplay, Sailor Moon cosplay, etc. All of these can be seen in her gallery. So, take a look now?