Daily Cosplay – Tomb Raider Lara Croft Cosplay

Tomb Raider Lara Croft Cosplay

Cosplay fans, who hunt for popular or interesting cosplay ideas, tutorials guiding on how to make a cosplay costume, hat, earphone, wig, etc, and faithful cosplay-related products, are strongly recommended to keep updated with what we post in this blog. In daily cosplay category, excellent cosplayers are introduced. Probably, you will also be inspired here, like many other cosplay talents. Today, the German cosplay girl Vanessa0100 is found by us. Above picture shows her Tomb Raider Lara Croft cosplay. She is so cool, right? I do think nobody can deny this. Except this one, she shows us a series of wonderful cosplays in her gallery. To see more, just pay a visit now. If you are a devotee for this performance art, you won’t be strange with her performance, right? It’s extremely vivid :P!

Cosplayer Interviews-Lena

Today we have Lena from Germany in our cosplayer interviews. Lena seems like having a crush on Lara Croft. There’re many versions of Lara Croft cosplay in her Deviantart. She is the most beautiful Lara Croft I’ve ever seen. Lena, you did such a great job…Maybe even better than Angelina Jolie did! : )

1. Please Introduce yourself first!
Hey there, my name is Lena and I’m a 22 years old digital media designer
from Germany.

2.What does cosplay mean to you?
First it was nothing than a remarkable hobby for me, but over the years it
became a huge meaning to me. Today it’s my personal passion, which requires
on the one side much time, work and money, but also means a lot of fun. Sometimes it just feels good to slip into one’s shoes
and see that other people can appreciate the effort you put in this.

3.What was your first cosplay?
Lara Croft, of course 😉

4. Does your family and bf supports your cosplay?
Well, on the one hand, they aren’t that much interested in it and sometimes
they call me a freak for all the work I put in it, but on the other hand
they really praise me for the photos I’ve done.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
Hmm… maybe my first professional photoshooting as Lara Croft. First I was
a bit afraid of the attention I would get from all the people standing and
coming around, but in the end it was a nearly perfect and unforgetable day.
I recieved much appreciation and compliments for my cosplay, it felt great.

6. What are your 2011 cosplay plans?
At the moment I’m making a Bloodelf-costume from World of Warcraft. I hope
to finish it soon. Also I will cosplay the brand new image of Lara Croft in
the upcoming Tomb Raider game, but one thing after the other.

7. Notice you made many lara cosplay, is there any special menning?
You’re right, there is a reason. Lara Croft ist the heroine of my childhood.
She’s the woman I always wanted to be, because Lara is sexy, intelligent,
tough, athletic, cultured, well travelled and has this kind of mysterious
charm that works though. I can’t see any real woman matching up – but that’s
the reason why she became my idol.

8. Do you make costumes yourself or buy them?
Most stuff of my costumes is selfmade. Usually I only buy things which would
be very elaborate to make, like elf-ears or Lara’s guns.

9. Any other cosplayers you like?
Oh, there are many other Lara Croft cosplayers around the world that I
really like. Just to mention Illyne or XtremeJenn for example.

10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
Yes, I think so. To be honest, I¹m a quite shy girl and not very confident.
But when I put on Lara¹s boots I become a completly different person.
Cosplay helped me a lot to improve my lack of self-confidence.

11. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
Unfortunately there is much inconvenience and intolerance a lot of
cosplayers have to face all over the world. But please don’t let this come
in your way or stop you, just do your own thing and have fun! I think it’s
important to show that cosplayers aren’t a bunch of childish lunatics from
another world without a real life.

12. Last questions, When will you stop cosplay?
Maybe when I become too old for looking right the part… but I think this
won’t happened anytime soon 😉

Thanks again for choosing me for the interview!

Top 10 Charming Cosplay Girls You Wanna Date

As cosplay becomes incredibly popular right now, People in different ages and nationalities bring their favorite anime, game or movie roles to the cosplay stage. They seem like enjoying the fantastic joy of feeling the same with fictional roles. Certainly, cosplayers embrace totally different life and also clothing styles during the shows. They get chances to make some differences in their life, which may never collide with their usual life paths. Anyway, the special joy gotten on a costume play often becomes an interesting toner for modern people’s life.

Some people are fond of putting on specially made clothes to look the same with their favorite anime roles on cosp,even there are some people who make a living by cosplay. But of course, everybody can be an excellent cosplayer. Below, we have our list of top 10 female cosplayers you will want to date in real life,who are beautiful and sexy. Just take a look.

Top 1: Sheryl Nome Cosplay Girl

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier draws most attention by a dolce & elegant look. Certainly, different with usually gorgeous appearances, dreamlike beauty is ideally expressed by that girl. Nowadays, Sheryl Nome is absolutely a poplar and even eternally hot anime role that frequently appears on costume plays. Here is an excellent cosplayer for Sheryl Nome, right? The blond hair looks great with her white complexion. Blue t-shirt, black shorts and knee-length leggings complete a casual yet sexy semblance. wanna dating her?

Top 2: Yoko Littner Cosplay Girl

photo from Midori

Without overdoing sexuality, this girl –Midori Kanda charms the crowd by a temperately sexy look. Looking perfectly similar with real real Yoko Littner—one of the favorite anime roles for lots of female cosplayers, she must be an eye-catching hit in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann cosplay team. Combination between black and dark red usually creates irresistible appeal. This also makes sense on this girl’s cosplay costume. The black-and-red bikini and the black shorts wonderfully flatter her slim silhouette. When pink scarf and leggings are added, the fantastic clothing style is well accented. Skeleton-like hair pin makes her total appearance much niftier. so wanna date Midori in life?

Top 3 Namine Cosplay Girl

photo from Ash Crimson

If you are a devotee for Kingdom Hearts, you must still remember the pretty scene when Namine wears a white dress and walks on the large grassland. This time, Ash definitely does an ideal job in bringing Namine to the reality. Her white dress with spaghetti straps and delicate lace hem make her figure seem rather slender. The white skin tone is wonderfully accentuated by the blond hair and also the white color of her dress. Nobody can deny she chooses the best anime role to cosplay, right?

Top 4: Amane Misa Cosplay Gril

Kipi from mpzero-one of the most popular professional cosplayers, many animes have been vividly cosplay by her. This time, Amane Misa from Death Note is perfectly impersonated by her once again. The black mini dress with spaghetti straps makes her appearance amazingly sexy. Silk stockings and various strange or exaggerating accessories on her body add mysterious and fantastic touches to her cosplay style. The long blond hair makes her black clothing style more eye-catching. Believe it or not, Kipi is considered to be one of “top 20 sexy cosplay girls”. If you wanna know more about kipi, check her fan site .

Top 5: Elf Cosplayer Girl

This girl for Elf definitely steals the limelight on the show exactly by a rather feminine and sexy appearance. She looks so similar with the real Elf from World of Warcraft. The harmonious color on her coat and inside bikini, mini dress makes her appearance princess-like. Before the oddly long and sharp ears are put on, she will be a girl who surprises the crowd by her dolce & smart look.

Top 6: Lara Croft Cosplay Girl

This female does a good job in Lara Croft cosplay—a powerful and brave woman in Tomb Raider. Certainly, she succeeds to make her look extremely similar with that fictional character. But what really makes her an eye-catching hit on the stage is her irresistibly appealing clothing style. Actually speaking, she looks so well in this black cosplay costume, which ideally adorns her plump yet not fat body shape and makes her so cool. . Both her complexion and figure are alluring, right?

Top 7: Black Widow Cosplayer Girl

photo from veidt.com
Jessica is an excellent cosplayer for Black Widow. She seems like feeling great with the black tights. Metal gloves, belt and tall canvas boots which will never been paired with bodysuits in most cases are all crucial elements in completing her fantastic cosplay style. Like before, slim silhouette is presented, on which mysterious & feminine appeal oozes out. Most people will look forward to making an appointment with her,right?

Top 8: Tifa Lockhart Cosplayer Girl

Tifa Lockhart is an anime role carrying evergreen force for cosplayers. This girl definitely do the best. She found ideal white bolero and black mini dress to enhance her figure. A graceful and temperately sexy look with female properties ideally accentuated must make her pop out in the Final Fantasy cosplay. Actually you can make your sex tifa easiy , just check out tutorial .

Top 9: Miku Hatsune Cosplay Girl

Maid outfits are always the first options for girls who look forward to adding sexy spices to their cosplay appearances. This girl for Miku Hatsune shows us a dolce look.The simple jacket is paired with a black-and-blue mini dress, seeming chic and rather feminine. Allure on the black leggings is not second to the appeal on her chic high heels. To enjoy yourself in the Vocaloid2 cosplay; you may get some important inspirations from the cosplay style shown by this pretty girl.

Top 10: Yuna Cosplay Girl

Black lace dress carries eternal appeal. This definitely makes sense on this cosplay girl for Yuna. The twinkling blue bolero edged with white lace and a long transparent sash spices up her cosplay look by a sense of dreamlike beauty. But the black lace mini dress makes the intangible prettiness become true. Charm released by this girl makes the fantastic Final Fantasy X cosplay world more interesting and beautiful. To make an appointment with her will be exciting!