Couple Cosplay Contest – Kuri Diaz and Alexis Woods

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Kuri Diaz and Alexis Woods

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Kuri Diaz Alexis Woods
Gender Female Female
Nationality Puerto Rican Caucasian


Twitter DarkGoddess007
Deviantart goddessofdarkness07 untitledxme
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers

Kuri: Well, she is a lot of fun to cosplay with and we both understand and feel for the cosplay as well as the pictures. I have been cosplaying for a long time and Alexis just started but it helps. We learn from each other. We try our best to bring the character to life, as well as being ourselves.

Alexis: Its always so much fun taking pictures together either in or out of cosplay, and I’ve been trying my hardest to make her proud.

Cosplay Performance of Kuri and Alexis’s:

Kuri Diaz and Alexis Woods

Kuri Diaz and Alexis Woods


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know this contest? Is it easy to join in or do you have any advice for it? Since there will be many other contests held here, which theme do you most expect to see later?

Alexis: From Kuri. Sure? I’m not really sure, but anything will do.
Kuri: A friend on my facebook linked me to it. Easy to join in? Honestly, half and half. Its easy to place a submit, but not easy to have a perfect picture and or one you think will win. Um..themes I would like to see in the future would probably be Yuri themed. Along with emotional expressive themes with cosplay.

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay theme? And what’s your best cosplay performance?

Alexis: I like cosplaying darker haird character and demon like themes. Sebastian from kuroshitsuji
Kuri: Favorite cosplay theme is probably couples. Its always fun to cosplay with my partner. I think my best cosplay would be Miku Hatsune. I love doing her makeup and face it, I love her pigtails.

Q: What do you think about cosplay? Share us something good and bad on this performance art in your opinion.

Alexis: I love getting dressed up and expressing myself in different characters. I gained experience over the past couple of years and I am really proud of myself. It is fun and meet new friends.
Kuri: I think its a great way to experience the world and everyone in it. Its fun to be someone else for a change and meet new people with the same interests. Well, the bad thing about cosplay is money. It is a very expensive hobbie. Also, there will be lots of other people cosplaying the same person as yourself, so there tends to be a lot of judging when it comes to ‘the perfect cosplayer’ and or ‘perfect person’. The good thing about cosplay is that you gain experience points along with new and even maybe best friends. Along with boosting your self esteem.

Q: We will be interested in knowing some difficulties you met while cosplay. And how did you overcome them?

Alexis: CONTACTS! A friend helped me out all the way through and I am happy she did.
Kuri: Some difficulties I met was working the sewing machine. It always seems to break and or malfunction on me and it gets annoying sometimes. Also, trying to find the right fabric and or knowing that the fabric you want is out of stock. Many other things. Well I asked a lot of people and friends, went on forums, made phone calls, just trying to see what everyone else thought, because most of the time, they are usually the right way to go.


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