Daily Cosplay – Aria Alice Carroll Cosplay

Aria Alice Carroll Cosplay

If you keep noting what’s shared in our daily cosplay category, you must not feel strange about this cosplay girl. She is known as Kotanimomo at deviantart.com. Her Eureka Seven Anemone Cosplay was introduced at the beginning of last month. Today, her Aria Alice Carroll Cosplay wins applauding from many people and we do want to share it with you. Kotanimomo comes from Australia. A rich series of cosplay themes has been done and displayed in her gallery. Except this one, I also fall in love with her Reiko the Zombie Shop Midori cosplay, The Touhou Project Sakuya cosplay and many others. Visit her galley to see more :P.

Daily Cosplay – Eureka Seven Anemone Cosplay

Eureka Seven Anemone Cosplay

Maybe, the bright colors on the picture drew my attention since the first glimpse. But it seems like a great decision to take a closer look. Never have I found another Eureka Seven Anemone cosplay better than this one. It’s done by the Australian cosplay talent – Kotanimomo at deviantart.com. A long list of plans is held by this cosplay devotee. Probably, you will also find one inspiring you on displayed on her site. In the gallery, cosplay works like Vocaloid cosplay, APH cosplay, Gurren Lagann cosplay, Code Geass cosplay, Evangelion cosplay, K-ON cosplay, etc are shown. Don’t be hesitant to pay a visit there. You will be delighted :P!