How to Make Inuyasha Kikyo Miko Cosplay Costume?


Uniform cloth is recommended below to make the Inuyasha Kikyo Miko cosplay costume. Thicker than pure cotton, it’s frequently used on uniforms. It has a fine texture after being ironed and will never wrinkle if being well saved. Uniform cloth is suitable for stage performance. But it will be hot to wear it in summer as it does not absorb sweat. It’s sold on about $2.00 per meter. 2.5 meters of red and 2.2 meters of white are chosen here.

Besides uniform cloth, some accessories like the red strips on the cuffs, red strings in front of the chest and elastic band are also needed. Red strips can be made from red ribbons. Red cords can make strings. It’s better to make the elastic band 2CM wide and 0.5 meters long (it can be bought from the market).

When it comes to making a costume, the most important step should be to understand the structure of a suit. Kikyo’s jacket is compsed by five large pieces of fabric and a long strip of cloth. Two pieces are used on sleeves. Another two pieces are used on the front. And the last one is used on the back. The long strip of cloth is used to make the edge on the fornt part of the costume. Below photos show you detailed shapes. Pay close attention to this: shapes on two sleeves are completely the same. Thus, only one is shown below. Shapes on the left and right parts on the front of suit are adverse. A length of 2.5 meters is good.


The left side on the front of costume

The right side on the front of costume

The back

The strips

Four pieces of same fabrics and a long strip of cloth constitute the trousers. A trouser leg is composed of two pieces of fabrics. The long strip of cloth is used to make the elastic band. Below photo shows you a detailed shape. Only one fabric piece is shown below as all four look the same.

The trousers

The long strip of cloth

The belt is a fabric that is 3 meters long and 0.5 meters wide.

After tailoring is completed, the main difficulty has passed. Two cutting methods are shared here. People, who have never made clothes and don’t know how to draw the cut shape on the fabric by chalk, are suggested with below way.

The first method is to draw the cloth shape that is needed to make the costume on a paperboard. Cut off the drawn pattern, which is a formwork while tailoring the fabric. Do not draw too much. If the chalk can not be washed off, it will look ugly. Besides, it’s troublesome to clear the chalk traces if drawing wrongly. But on paperboards, you can change times to make an ideal pattern.

The second method is to dismantle a useless suit with buttons on the front. You will find its structure looks so similar with Kikyo’s costume’s. Use it as the formwork and cut the required shape. If you are worried about tailoring wrongly, just draw the outline on the paperboard and then ensure the pattern.

People who have ever dismantled a suit know how to sew them together. If not, just take a look at below photo. Places with deep colors should be sewn.

How to make sleeves? First, double up the sleeves.

Sew up colored places. After being sewn up, it should look like this.

Sew the red strips on the cuff. Exposed cuffs should be rolled twice and then sewn.

How to sew the main body of the costume? Parts with the same colors are joint places.

After sewing up, it should look like this. Then, just as the photo shows, let’s make the sleeves. Only one side is shown. The same method is used to make another side.

After sewing up, it should look like this.

Sew up the long red strip. Roll the bottom of the suit twice. Then, the suit is finished.

How to make the trousers? First, get two pieces of fabrics and sew up edges on two sides. Roll the hemline twice. Another two pieces are made by the same method. Finally, as this picture shows, sew two trouser legs together.

Sew up the eleastic band.

Make sure the elastic band is totally covered in the belt and sew up the belt.

The trousers have been finished. Pay close attention to this: top edges on two sides of the trousers do not need sewing up. Just roll them twice.

How to make the sash? Fold and sew it up. Do not sew it up completely on the top side. Turn it over and sew it up.

Strings on the front of the chest can be tailored directly according to the required length.