Bleach Cosplay Contest in January – Katy Johnson (Kani)


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Name: Katy Johnson (Kani)
Gender: Female

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My name is Katy (Cosplay name is Kani) and I have been cosplaying for about 3 or so years now. I love to take advantage of a warm, summer day to have a private photoshoot! <3 Not just for me though, but for all of my cosplay friends. Cosplaying, in my opinion, is a passion. It is like, playing dress up to the extreme, and sharing it with people! I am also in love with the series Bleach, and do believe I am Orihimes reincarnation <33 So thankyou very much for looking at my picture!


Katy‘s Bleach Cosplay Performance

Character: Orihime

Description: This is orihime by a fence. I thought the way the fence continuing into the background would make a PERFECT shot, so I took the picture here.

Description: Orihime in the snow. I put her in a white dress, to show her innocence. She looks so peaceful, and though it was FREEZING to do that shot, I think it turned out amazing.

Description: This one is called “Orihime and Rukia best friends.” I don’t know if this one can count in the contest(Since my Rukia is in the shot) but this is my favorite of all the pictures we have taken <3 It just shows everything I love about cosplay. The happiness of the moment XD It was a peanut butter picnic!

Description: This is School Girl Orihime just posing for the camera 😀 I think she looks very happy here :3

Description: Orihime in the sun. She looks like she is enjoying a warm, summer day.


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know our contest? And how much have you known about

A: I found out about your contest through DeviantArt 😛 But honestly, I don’t know much about MicCostumes.

Q: Is Bleach cosplay your favorite theme? Which character from Bleach do you most like? Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?

A: Bleach is actually my favorite theme! My Orihime cosplay is my favorite. My favorite character in Bleach would probably be orihime in all honesty! Or maybe Shinji… And this costume was actually all hand made by me 😛 Well, thrift store bought and what not 😛

Q: What’s your first cosplay? How do you think about it? Is there any photo shared with us?

A: My first cosplay was actually Sakura from Naruto… It wasn’t very good D: I DO NOT want to show that photo xD

Q: Is there any cosplay plan recently? Or which cosplay convention are you interested in taking part in?

A: I have recently done Blaire from SoulEater, and plan on being Luka Megurine (Vocaloids) and my next convention is KamiCon

Q: How long will you continue to do cosplay? Or do you think you will do it all the time? What does cosplay mean to you? Is there any element rather attractive for you?

A: I will continue to do cosplay until my abled body can no longer support its cosplay needs! so maybe 5 or so more years 😛 But cosplay to me is… It is something I hold very dear… I love the feeling of wearing a new wig, or getting to pretend that I am a model :3 I get to be another person, from one of my favorite series! And share it with the world. SO cosplay, to me, is a passion <3 Q: We will be interested to know the most memorable moment you got during cosplay.

A: My most memorable cosplay… Hm… THere are too many xD One time I was at a convention, and this guy asked me to ballroom dance with him in the lobby xD OH! And one time, everyone was dancing to Hare Hare Yukai in the lobby of AWA 2011, but it was the 3 or so minute version, and noone knew the 3 or so minute version, but I DID! So Orihime did some Hare Hare Yukai B) IT was pretty hardcore.

Q: It’s believed our cosplay fans will be grateful if you can share us with your experience in this performance art. What’s the most important aspect for a cosplay beginner?

A: The most important thing for a beginner cosplayer to remember is that there are some cosplays right for you, and some not. So if you mess up the first time, don’t sweat it! OH! And the number 1 rule: Always, ALWAYS, remember to brush your wig out 😀 DOn’t let it become a tangled mess, and keep your costume in a good condition!

Q: Do your family members support you? Do you often talk about your cosplay works with them? Do they also love what you’ve done?

A: My family is very supportive. Who do you think drives me more than 3 hours away to take me to a convention?! I love to discuss cosplay, especially with my mom, and she even helps me decide new cosplay to do!


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