Hatsune Miku – Singer in a Box

(concept) illustration by KEI
Hatsune Miku - illustration by KEI

From Ninja, to Pirates to Sailor Moon, where is our adventure of to next. What the heck does he mean by the title? Miku is not a Singer in a box, what craziness is this.

Well, I decided to find the roots of one of the most famous non-living Singers in the world. Little did I know that this was not all that it seemed. This lovely lady – Hatsune Miku – actually started out as a simple Singing Synthesizer. It was later development into a software called Vocaloid. This is where we get the name of ‘Singer in a Box’. Not only was it produced in Japanese and English, but you can now get it in Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Vocaloid Group
Vocaloid Group

What was cool with this was that a new character was created for each version. They just didn’t stop at one Vocaloid, but decided to set out to form a diverse group of them. I think this was a smart call as it really showcases the way you can market a product without that much capital. Seriously, so many people have fell in love with these characters, that it just makes one of the greatest promotional series. If you want, you should check out the numerous figures that have been designed and sold of them. Even I want the VN2 version figure so I can start at it’s awesomeness.

Why the heck is Miku sometimes pictured holding a LEEK and carry it around for that matter. Why would this vegetable (sort of spring onion on steroids) be such a draw for this character. I guess it is to whack all the fanboys away from her – LOL.

Now lets not leave out cosplay of Hatsune Miku which has exploded across the conventions. I think this is one character that anyone who saw it would recognize her immediately. You can even check out a great blog review right here of Gloria (Sweet Angel) showcasing one of the many cosplays you can find here.

What’s up for the next blog form yours truely, well lets just say my son will be helping me as you ‘Gotta Catch them All“.

How to Make Kagamine Rin Meltdown Guitar?

With the skyrocketing popularity of Vocaloid, an increasing number of cosplay fanatics are trying to make Kagamine Rin’s costume, wig and guitar personally. Today we would like to share Kagamine Rin guitar tutorial with you.

Step1. Make the guitar body and tail from paperboard.

Step2. Cut above paperboard to look like this.

Step3. Cut two handle bars from the paperboard.

Step4. Cut a hole in the middle of above round board. Then stick all of these boards by latex. Pay attention to here: items with some thickness should be used in the middle of boards to make the prop plump.

Step5. Stick a small round paperboard and three fanshaped paperboards in the middle hole.

Step6. Make two pieces boards like this.

Step7. Draw above shape on paper and cut it off. Put it on EVA board and cut it off.

Step8. Stick the tailored EVA board on the shell of guitar.

Step9. Cut the tail from an EVA board.

Step10. Cut a slim EVA bar and stick it on the tail of guitar.

Step11. Cut the EVA board into slim bars and stick them on the guitar.

Step12. Cut 12 pieces of paperboards like these and stick them on the tail of guitar.

Step13. Stick those boards onto the guitar head. The color seems too shining, XD.

Step14. Cut EVA board into the strips and stick them around the center.

Step15. Cut a headstock shape for the guitar.

Step16. Cut several diamonds and stick them around the guitar body.

Step17. Have a look at the semi-finished guitar.

Step18. Seal the side by paper and make handle knobs. First color the guitar by black propylene. Then paint the gold part. (Spray paint is used here. So it looks like this.)

Step19. Kagamine Rin Guitar guitar has been finished.

Does it look like a real guitar? Since you want to make a Kagamine Rin guitar personally, why not prepare the materials and start your journey right now?

Daily Cosplay – Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Cosplay

This is YtkaMatilda, a Russian girl now living in Moscow and feeling interested in anime, sewing, painting, photoshop and photograph. You can visit her on her website. Guilty Gear, Kingudamu Hatsu, God of War, Maps for Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and 5 are her favorite games. But this picture shows you her cosplay of Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, which was taken by Ellie. This costume was made by Lenny Anzaru and performance with it really astonished so many people, certainly including me, XD.