New Arrival on August 25 – Hetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay Costume

Hetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay

Processes while choosing the cloth, cutting out the pattern, designing and sewing are all elaborately arranged and supervised. This enables to gain great reputation in the cosplay world actually. Today, the Hetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay Costume was finished in our costume factory. Made from luxurious cotton and looking almost the same with what anime shows to us, it must be a great deal. Available on $75.99, it will realize your Hetalia Axis Powers cosplay dream!

Hetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay Costume

Italy costume is made from cotton with regular texture that feels incredibly supple, durable and ventilated. You won’t feel uncomfortable with it. Besides, it can seem smooth after being worn and washed times due to the first-grade cloth. It’s strictly made according to the anime, including a shirt, coat, trousers, necktie, belt and gloves. Size S, M ,L and XL can be chosen. So does Custom-Made.

Hetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay Costume1

Italy cosplay costume can be shipped out in 48hrs. Since fast customer service is available by phone, email or live support, any of your questions will be replied ASAP. This dealer promises a refund in 3 days if any dissatisfaction. So, check it out at once? What’s more, a 5% refundment and another 10% discount on your next order can be gotten if you make a review about the costume or take a picture or video with it. Just send them back to the dealer for a chance to get free costumes and wigs now.