Winners Announced!!!

Bleach cosplay contest and Axis Powers Hetalia fanart contest have both ended yesterday. Since 15 people joined in the Bleach contest and 13 people applied for the Hetalia contest, there should be 2 winners for each contest as promised. See the winner list below.

Bleach Contest

Mason Monds

Top 1: Mason Monds (699 votes = 688 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 11 extra votes).

Michelle Garcia

Top 2: Michelle Garcia (305 votes = 295 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Axis Powers Hetalia Contest

La Tobba

Top 1: La Tobba (113 votes = 103 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).


Top 2: Italian Pasta (97 votes = 87 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Congratulations :P. Today, we will announce contest themes for February here. To win a free cosplay costume and popularize yourself, don’t be hesitant to send us your application form now!!!

Hetalia Fanart Contest – ItalianPasta


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : ItalianPasta
Gender : Female
Nationality: Hispanic
Social Networks: Deviantart #1, Deviantart #2, Facebook, Tumblr

hola, hello, Ciao call me Italian Pasta maybe even Italy either way the nicknames belong to the same person and currently i am a senior in high school. My obsession with Hetalia started when a friend kept mentioning it to me so i decided to check it out. i was instantly glued to the anime and now two years later i still am! i love Hidekaz Himaruya drawing style so much that i began doodling on all my school work; i cant go a day without drawing Italy or America on my homework. i love Hetalia so much that i own all three limited edition DVDs and Hetalia Paint it White. i cosplay as Italy or America at cons or even just for fun i also make Hetalia ahoges out of hair extensions, wire and gel. i feel like the meaning of Hetalia is that its ok to laugh at yourself once in a while ’cause no matter what war you’re involved in friends are always there to help you out.


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of ItalianPasta’s!

1. Ole

Comments from the artist: in the picture is Spain and mochi Romano what can i say i love Spamano and to express it i drew this it was actually just a simple sketch until i decided to color it i love the way it turned out in the end though. theres just something about Spain that makes me smile and well it helps me get through a bad day. traditional media sketched in pencil and colored with prisma colored pencils

2. Maple Pasta CANxITA

Comments from the artist: this is the first draft of the cover for a doujin i have been working on. this idea hatched through roleplay and a friend and i decided to create a fan comic of it so far the rough draft has 14 pages. sadly i had to stop there do to being in my busy senior year of high school however i do plan on finishing it. traditional media sketched in pencil inked in sharpie pen

3. Give Me More Hamburger

Comments from the artist: America is just one of those characters you can’t hate for some reason and well this is what happens when you decide to draw a hamburger and can’t help but imagine America somewhere in the picture in this case under it. not only did the hamburger inspire me but the character song Hamburger street did too! traditional media sketched in pencil colored with prisma colored pencils

4. Zombies Hetalia!


Comments from the artist: ok not only do i love Hetalia but i love Call of Duty Black Ops Nazi Zombies and when i first played i instantly imagined the COD character Tank Dempsey as America not only because he’s American but it just seemed like the perfect fit and well this is my version of America in Nazi Zombies holding the rare to get ray gun. traditional media sketched in pencil and colored with prisma colored pencils

5. My BFF Norway


Comments from the artist: Italy is my favorite character of them all! like Italy i love to meet/make new friends and the idea of drawing this piece came to me when i met a new friend at school which also happened to be a Hetalia fan(the only other Hetalia fan in school). Her favorite Character is Norway and she insisted me on drawing him for her. traditional media sketched in pencil inked in sharpie pen

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See Prizes First :D! Each winner can choose any costume listed below. Besides, each participant will get 10% of coupon code which can be used when you purchase in our store.

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Check Out All the Participants:
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