New Arrival on Oct. 17- InuYasha Kikyo Cosplay Costume

InuYasha cosplay fans, it’s time to enrich your cosplay performance now. This is the InuYasha Kikyo cosplay costume, available on $58.79 at present. Elaborately designed, it makes you look the same with Kikyo. Luxurious cloth is used on it, guaranteeing 100% comfort! Take a closer look below.

InuYasha Kikyo Cosplay Costume

The Kikyo costume is made from cotton. Actually speaking, this cloth is used on most of our costumes. High-quality cotton shows you clear texture. It’s easy to be cleaned. A smooth look can be kept for a much longer time. Here, a jacket and hakama is offered. Refined handwork makes it seem rather exquisite. You will find each small part of the costume is put to the right place.

InuYasha Kikyo Cosplay Costume1

Like any other cosplay costume in our store, this one is available on size S, M, L, XL and also Custom-Made. We can make both adult and child sizes for you. The costume will be shipped out in 48 hours. We accept returning in 3 days. So, take action now?

How to Make the Inuyasha Kagome Cosplay Costume?

To make a cosplay costume by yourself is an interesting thing, even though it’s also a little challenging sometimes. Today, a cosplay tutorial teaching you how to make the Inuyasha Kagome costume is shared here. It’s created by an American girl, who is known as CassiniCloset or Cassini Inuebony at DA. For more funny pictures, helpful tutorials and stunning cosplay works, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to her gallery now :P.

How to Make the Inuyasha Kagome Cosplay Costume