Couple Cosplay Contest – Hotaru and Kyouya

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Hotaru and Kyouya

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Hotaru Kyouya
Gender Female Female
Nationality German German
Facebook Hotaru Kyouya
Twitter fujimiyaran rhimineecat
Deviantart fujimiyaran stormyprince
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers My girlfriend told me to write in the introduction: "I love her so much!" Guess that is the most important thing about us. Apart from that we are 26 and 22 years old, still university students, are a couple for a little over a year and share a flat in a small town in Germany.

Cosplay Performance of Hotaru and Kyouya’s:

Hotaru and Kyouya

Comments from the cosplayers: Seregil (Kyouya) and Alec (Hotaru) from Nightrunner
Nightrunner is an amazing fantasy book series by Lynn Flewelling, and really special to us, since we got to know each other because of these books. We got in contact because we both liked it, and immediately planned to cosplay this couple. Finally we were able to sew the costumes and they mean so much to us!

Hotaru and Kyouya

Comments from the cosplayers: Lavi (Kyouya) and Kanda (Hotaru) from D.Gray-man
long planned costume. We decided we wanted to cosplay those two, long before we were a couple, and now that we finished those costumes it was even more awesome to cosplay as them!

Hotaru and Kyouya

Comments from the cosplayers: Cloud (Hotaru) and Aerith (Kyouya) from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
FF7 has always taken a special place in both our lifes, so we just HAD to cosplay from this series.

Hotaru and Kyouya

Comments from the cosplayers: Dios (Kyouya) and Utena (Hotaru) from Utena
We decided on this costume because Hotaru always wanted to be a princess, and now, finally found her prince ^_-

Hotaru and Kyouya

Comments from the cosplayers: Izaya (Kyouya) and Shizuo (Hotaru) from Durarara!
A simple but beloved costume. Cosplaying as those two was SO much fun.

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