Bleach & Axis Powers Hetalia Contests – You Can Still Join In Now!

Huge thanks for your support for our Bleach and Axis Powers Hetalia contest. Since we will have a vacation from Jan. 22 to 28, we finally decide to postpone these two contests.

Both contests will last to Jan. 30. We will announce the winners on Jan. 31.

So, don’t be hesitant to join in or invite your friends to join in now. Each participant will be offered with 10% of coupon code, which can be used in our store. Leave us a message and we will reply to you once coming back from the holiday.

Till now, how are these two contests going? First, let’s focus on the Bleach cosplay contest.

The number of participants: 14.

These 3 take over the lead right now:

Mason Monds

Top 1: Mason Monds (390 votes, including 380 on FB, Twitter & Google and 10 extra polls).

Kathy Lor

Top 2: Kathy Lor (109 votes, including 97 on FB, Twitter & Google and 12 extra polls).


Top 3: Lene (78 votes, all coming from FB, Twitter & Google).

Second, let’s unveil the latest situation of the Axis Powers Hetalia contest.

The number of participants: 9. Below are those 3 who take over the lead at present:

Loes Wenemoser

Top 1: Loes Wenemoser & Italian Pasta.
Loes Wenemoser: 61 votes, including 47 from FB, Twitter & Google and 14 extra polls.
Italian Pasta: also 61 votes, including 51 from FB, Twitter & Google and 10 extra polls.

3-Natsu (Ilaria Ester)

Top 3: Natsu (Ilaria Ester): 39 votes, all coming from FB, Twitter & Google.

Now, apply for joining in too? Here is the application form for Bleach contest. Click here for details about Hetalia contest.

How Are the Bleach and Hetalia Contests Going Now?

At the beginning of 2012, we launched two contests, referring to Bleach cosplay and Axis Powers Hetalia fanart. Each winner will be sponsored with a free Bleach or Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay costume. So, how are these contest going recently?

Bleach Cosplay Contest

11 cosplayers have joined in the contest and top 3 who take over the lead are listed here:

Mason Monds1

Top 1: Mason Monds (94 polls).

Kathy Lor1

Top 2: Kathy Lor (65 polls, including 63 on facebook, twitter and google and extra 2 by her articles).

AJ Floyd1

Top 3: AJ Floyd (43 polls).

Hetalia Fanart Contest

Loes Wenemoser

3 people have joined in and Loes Wenemoser takes over the lead right now. We do look forward to more people’s participating. So, don’t be hesitant to win your favorite Axis Powers Hetalia costume now :D!

Both contests will end at Jan. 20 and we will announce the winner result on Jan. 21. As long as you have some Bleach cosplay pictures or Hetalia fanart works, apply now!