Couple Cosplay – Are you willing to be my master?

Under this contract, you are no longer a passer-by to me but the most important person in my life. Of the multifarious contract relationships in animes, some are touching, some are funny. Do you want to be a master or a servent? Here’re some couple cosplay ideas for you and your friend.
Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay

Cosplayer LALAax
Attack from human makes no effect to him. He is Sebastian, who is a devil and only takes orders from his master Ciel before Ciel reaches his own purpose of revenge. After Ciel’s revenge done, he must give his soul to Sebastian. IOW, his soul will forever belong to the black butler Sebastian.

Contract Mark: a magic matrix on Sebastian’s left hand and Ciel’s blinder on his right eye.

Kuroshitsuji - Ciel & Sebastian

Louise Valliere and Hiraga Saito from The Familiar of Zero

Louise & Saito Hiraga from The Familiar of Zero
I unexpectedly become a pet (no, a magic)!?
The girl Louise, a magic school’s second grade student, had summoned Hiraga as the magic who would serve her. Louise asked Hiraga to sign a contract with her.
Strange words emerged from the back of his hand and he became the exclusive magic to Louise. He had no way but to live with Louise and to find out the ways to go back to his original world.

Rin Tohsaka and Archer from Fate Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka and Archer

Cosplayer 間桐君棘

Rin Tohsaka is one of the three main heroines of Fate/stay night who acts as the Master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She’s got the command spell on her right hand.
Mirotic of Rin when summoning Archer:
Your soul belongs to me. Your fate gives you the sword.
Conform to the Holy Grail to response and make an oath. You are the one who achieve all the benevolence. You are the one who transmit all the sins.

C.C and Lelouch from Code Geass

C.C and Lelouch from Code Geass

Cosplayer 沐晓
C.C and Lelouch make a contract about energy grant, which means that C.C must grant the energy of Geass to Lelouch to help him reach his purpose. In return, he must help C.C complete one thing.
About the energy: Lelouch’s Geass manifests itself as “the power of absolute obedience,” which allows him to plant commands within a person’s mind upon direct eye contact. He is granted this ability through his contract with C.C.

The contract mark in on C.C’s forehead and in Lelouch’s eyes.


Cosplayer  雏菊叔叔


Cosplayer 卤蛋蛋

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Cosplayer Interview – Maridah

Fate Stay Night Saber Cosplay

Except Fate/Stay Night Saber cosplay found by us days ago, Maridah also shows us many other breathtaking cosplay pictures in her gallery. This American girl is absolutely a cosplay talent, having a more than 10 years’ background in the performing art field. She is a fan for anime & Star Wars, who loves to collect figures and dollfies. We are lucky to invite Maridah to join in our cosplayer interview. Now, let’s take a look at what she shares with us below.

1. Please introduce yourself first.

Hello! I’m Maridah. I’m a cosplayer living in California, USA and I’ve be cosplaying for a little over 10 years now.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m a long time anime fan, so it’s a sort of expression of fandom for me as well as an outlet that lets me be creative and have fun making and wearing costumes.

Dynasty Warriors Yue Ying Cosplay

3. What and when was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Relena from Gundam Wing back in 2001.

4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

I’ve had too many good moments to count. I think the one that stands out to me most is the first time I wore my Saber armor to Anime Expo in 2009. I’ve never had such a mass of people around me before, taking pictures and talking with me about my costume. I was standing still for ages posing and there was a mass of people. It was pretty amazing to have that many people want to photograph my cosplay. The pride and enjoyment of that day sticks with me as a high point and encouragement for me on future projects. I want to get people as excited with my projects as I am about them, so it was a great moment. Cosplay is a great way to show you love something, so sharing it with others is the epitome of the craft to me.

5. What’s your favorite photo shoot?

My favorite shoot would probably be one I did with friends in September of 2010 in a Japanese traditional room for Fate/Stay Night costumes. We spent a lot of time cracking up and goofing around so it was a lot of fun. The photos are also some of my favorites.

Fate Stay Night Saber Cosplay1

6. What’s your favorite anime/manga/game character to cosplay as?

Saber from Fate/Stay Night or Lina Inverse from Slayers. Both are so much fun to wear and people really react well to both. It’s fun to see other fans of the characters like the costumes and want to take photos with me.

7. Any cosplay plan in future?

Quite a few! I’m always working on several costumes at a time. Right now I have 5-6 things in the works. I like to keep myself busy on multiple projects at a time so I don’t get bored or frustrated with just one of them. Sometime soon I’ll be debuting another Saber costume and some stuff from Vocaloid.

8. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

I make all my costumes, props, and style my own wigs with the exception of my Mugi Summer School Uniform (K-On) which is modified from ‘found’ items. I love to sew and I have a background in theater so cosplay allows me to continue that craft in a small way.

Mayoi Neko Overrun Fumino Seizawa Cosplay

9. Any other cosplayers you like?

Of course! Quite a few, and probably too many to list. Vampy, Cosplay Kitten, Yuki le Fay, Pink Bunnie… if I start this list it might go on for a while…

10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

Not really. I don’t adopt character personas like some cosplayers choose to do, but it certainly does give me a great adrenaline rush to be out in costume. I try to convey something of the character when I pose, though, even though I don’t act out a part. It’s just a fun experience and a way to be different from my normal self on the weekends.

11. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

Cosplay what you love and do it with friends. Sharing the experience with people you enjoy being around makes it much better. Pick your favorite character and go out and enjoy the event. It’s impossible not to have fun if you just let yourself go and be silly for a while in costume.