Cosplayer Problems- How Do I Explain It to My Parents?

Photo from buzzfeed.

Cosplay. It is a pretty cool hobby, I have to admit that, but how exactly do I explain it to my relatives, friends, ect.?

I think if you are in my age and time when you still live with your parents, it is definitely hard to come out to them. We all have that moment where we want to get a new cosplay or our first, and need to tell them what we are buying. Let’s just say it is REALLY hard to say “I need a costume so I can go hang out with other people in costumes,” or something along that line.

The best way, or how I did it, is have my parents sit down and discuss the matter. What could go wrong? I mean, my conversation went so well, that my dad is now my right hand man in prop making.

So to help you with your talk, I have prepared a few things you have to include in your discussion.

1.) History of Cosplay 

Basically go and find the meaning of the word, (costume play), find how it started, how it has grown; I could go on. Just find the roots of it to start your discussion strong. Here are some links to help you!


2.) Delve Further into Cosplay Itself

How I described cosplay to my parents is a mixture of theater and artistic aspects all squished together. Cosplay has A LOT of acting and theater aspects, especially if you plan on competing, and has EVEN MORE art forms along with it!

3.) Who or What are You Cosplaying?

Show them what you are cosplaying. Gather up the person/thing you would like to cosplay as in the anime, video game, ect., and a picture of how other people cosplay the character. Bring up a list of materials, costs, and other things you would like help on also.


Well there you have it, that is my plan to help you and others join the ever-growing culture of cosplay. I hope you all had a good Easter, and I will see you on the flip side!