Daily Cosplay – Code Geass Euphemia li Britannia Cosplay

Code Geass Euphemia li Britannia Cosplay

This is the first time when I do feel a cosplay work feels like an exquisite artwork. I have been totally impressed by it – the Code Geass Euphemia li Britannia cosplay done by FieryVeela. She is a Russian girl, who doesn’t show us too many cosplay works. But each one in her gallery seems like being elaborately designed and done. They do seem so breathtaking! Referring to this Euphemia li Britannia cosplay, blood stains absolutely become the most important toner for the whole picture. I’m attracted by the gloomy expressions in her eyes and also by the graceful appearance with the pink dress. White high heels seem so delicate too. So far, I haven’t found any defect on her Euphemia li Britannia cosplay performance. Except this one, her pictures named as Six of diamonds, Sundial and Freya deserve attention undoubtedly. Pay a visit to her gallery, you must also fall in love with what she shares!