Daily Cosplay – Dynasty Warriors Cai Wenji Cosplay

Dynasty Warriors Cai Wenji Cosplay

It may be hard to find another Dynasty Warriors Cai Wenji cosplay, better than this one :P!

This cosplay is done by the Swiss cosplay girl, who is known as Fukada2 at Deviantart.com. She is interested in cosplay, manga, music, anime, cinema, character design, game etc. Games such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are loved by her. If you are also fond of movies like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Seabiscuit, Pirates of the Carribean etc, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to Fukada2’s site now. Except this Cai Wenji cosplay, seeming absolutely elegant and graceful, she shows us many other stunning works in her gallery too.

Daily Cosplay – Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji Cosplay

Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji Cosplay

This is an absolutely gorgeous Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji cosplay. The cartoon character gets vividly imitated. The costume and hair accessory make the cosplayer feel rather queen-like. She is known as Gattomannaro at Deviantart.com, coming from Italy. She loves cosplay, because she is able to be whoever she wants (in her words). She is most interested in the Guilty Gear series and Assassin’s Creed. To be honest, I feel totally fascinated about each picture displayed on her DA homepage. Her gallery deserves paying a visit, if you want to find some inspirations for your own cosplay performance!