Customer Photos – Black and White Lolita Dress with Long Sleeves

black and white lolita dress with long sleeves

Thanks, Briana Wilson, for uploading the picture of wearing the Black and White Lolita Dress with Long Sleeves bought from us. We are glad to see the dress ideally flatters your body shape. Plus, your fox ears and Ciel wig really look great with the black and white dress, XD.

black and white lolita dress with long sleeves_1

This Lolita dress includes a dress, underskirt, coat, bow ties, scarf and sash. Exquisitely made from classy cotton, it will be supple, lightsome and durable. Shipped out in 48 hours, it can be returned for a refund if any dissatisfaction. Girls, since you look forward to a dress that accentuates your femininity, why not check this Lolita dress out here?

Customer Photos – Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume

Thanks for sharing us with your photo of wearing the Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume bought from us. By the way, I really feel curious about whether the hair is real or only a wig? It really makes the entire cosplay appearance seem much more vivid, XD. More customer photos can be seen in our cosplay gallery.

This Sazh Katzroy costume includes a jacket, shirt, coat, trousers, pockets, belts and gloves. Exquisitely made from uniform cloth, it’s supple and durable.

You can choose your size from S, M, L and XL or customize it. The costume will be shipped out in 48 hours. If you are a devotee for Final Fantasy, go to our Final Fantasy costume collection to find your really desirable suit now.

Customer Photos – Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume

This is a photo of Heather Hawk’s son, wearing the Pokemon Ash Ketchum royal blue and yellow cosplay costume purchased from us. Thanks for sharing it on our Facebook and also your helpful advice, Hawk. We will make the size of the hat clear to future customers, certainly even though they don’t ask for.

This Ash Ketchum includes a jacket, trousers, gloves and hat. It’s available on size S, M,L, XL and can be customized. Made from deluxe uniform cloth and shipped out in 24 hours, it can be checked out here.