Couple Cosplay Contest – Who Take Over the Lead Now?

Couple cosplay contest themed on the Valentine’s Day was launched on Feb. 1. It will end on Feb. 28. Winners will be announced on Feb. 29. Everybody is welcomed to join in. So, how to join? See details here. So far, 24 couples have already joined in.

This article focuses on the current situation of the contest. So, who take over the lead at present? Below are top 10 participants. Everybody, just play up :D!


Top 1: Tamago & Ataito, 562 votes.


Top 2: Mason Monds & Shaina Glinski, 383 votes.


Top 3: Kathy Lor & Da’veena Davis, 286 votes.


Top 4: Fed & Fuecchan, 216 votes.


Top 5: Deanna Lee & Theda Lee, 213 votes.


Top 6: Natsu & Saike, 165 votes.


Top 7: Elena & Marco, 98 votes.


Top 8: Michelle Garcia & Nathalie Martinez, 71 votes.


Top 9: Syren & Kiril, 61 votes.


Top 10: Francesca Aliberti & Guglielmo Zamparelli, 47 votes.

As email we sent to you and also the article published here before, we had already updated the prize. There will be 3 couples winning out finally. See details here. Now, mobilize your friends to vote for you. Or get extra votes via your photo with the placard or articles (just remember to email your photos or articles to Otherwise, we cannot count votes for you :().

Couple Cosplay Contest – How is the Current Situation?

Couple cosplay contest had been launched at this Wednesday and will end at February 28. There will be one couple winning out finally. And each of them will be sponsored with a free cosplay costume. It doesn’t matter whether you have a heterosexual partner or not. We also accept couple cosplayer of the same sex. So, send us your group cosplay photos to join now?

So far, 7 groups of cosplayers have joined in this contest. See all participants here:

Mason Monds and Shaina Glinski Suok Jiuan and Jeslyn HiiNero and LuceCosplayMaleny Intharath and Esmail MehrinfarTako and PeterrSyren and KirilJess L-S and Nick T

The couple of Mason Monds and Shaina Glinski have gotten 105 votes, taking over the lead at present. The second one is Suok Jiuan & Jeslyn Hii and the third one is Maleny Intharath & Esmail Mehrinfar.

Now, send your groups to to win your Valentine’s Day gift.

Bleach & Axis Powers Hetalia Contests – You Can Still Join In Now!

Huge thanks for your support for our Bleach and Axis Powers Hetalia contest. Since we will have a vacation from Jan. 22 to 28, we finally decide to postpone these two contests.

Both contests will last to Jan. 30. We will announce the winners on Jan. 31.

So, don’t be hesitant to join in or invite your friends to join in now. Each participant will be offered with 10% of coupon code, which can be used in our store. Leave us a message and we will reply to you once coming back from the holiday.

Till now, how are these two contests going? First, let’s focus on the Bleach cosplay contest.

The number of participants: 14.

These 3 take over the lead right now:

Mason Monds

Top 1: Mason Monds (390 votes, including 380 on FB, Twitter & Google and 10 extra polls).

Kathy Lor

Top 2: Kathy Lor (109 votes, including 97 on FB, Twitter & Google and 12 extra polls).


Top 3: Lene (78 votes, all coming from FB, Twitter & Google).

Second, let’s unveil the latest situation of the Axis Powers Hetalia contest.

The number of participants: 9. Below are those 3 who take over the lead at present:

Loes Wenemoser

Top 1: Loes Wenemoser & Italian Pasta.
Loes Wenemoser: 61 votes, including 47 from FB, Twitter & Google and 14 extra polls.
Italian Pasta: also 61 votes, including 51 from FB, Twitter & Google and 10 extra polls.

3-Natsu (Ilaria Ester)

Top 3: Natsu (Ilaria Ester): 39 votes, all coming from FB, Twitter & Google.

Now, apply for joining in too? Here is the application form for Bleach contest. Click here for details about Hetalia contest.

Japanese School Uniforms(part2)-Current Situation of Japanese School Uniforms

In our last post, we have talked about History of Japanese School Uniforms ,today we will check the Current Situation of Japanese School Uniforms.

Japanese school uniforms do not only stand for the image of a school and aesthetic standard for the society, but also become symbols for the popular culture of a country. It’s nothing strange to see words like “she choose that school because the school uniforms there look more beautiful” . Even though lots of high school girls put on normal clothes after school, a majority of them still love to wear school uniforms for their group activities, such as going to shopping,KTV or game centers,etc.

For Japanese, they own social identity and cohesiveness that are much stronger than any other nation. Thus, they take school uniforms rather seriously. To better express the personality, they draw more attention on the fabric, craftsmanship and design on their school uniforms. Even though the conservative campus atmosphere requires school uniforms not to be overly fashionable, these clothes still tend to be more on-limits in recent years. Boys’ tsume-eri uniforms root in European officers’ designs, whose theme is still detected on contemporary school uniforms for boys. Dark blue is the main color, which emphasizes masculinity and handsomeness. While school uniforms for girls are deeply affected by sailor suits, which often impress us by cuteness, grace and vitality.

When it comes to sailor uniforms, skirts with different lengths are paired with loose socks, silk stockings, etc, which accentuate the sense of fashion and girls’ glamour. On the contrary, loose slacks can not flatter the silhouettes on girls’ legs. Nor can they well accentuate girls’ female properties.

Comparing with an imperial sportswear, a Japanese school uniform is much more expensive, which often costs 8 to 20 thousands yen (around $100-300 us dollors). New students bring huge economic benefits to clothing manufacturers each year. What perplexes lots of people is why Japanese school girls so deeply love to wear dresses. For this question, two mainstream answers are given. First, being afraid of coldness is considered to be an expression of cowardice. Thus, it’s nothing strange to wear dresses in chilly days. Second, excellent heating system has been built in Japan. Plus the wide popularity of wearing thermal high silk stockings, Japanese girls don’t worry about the coldness.