COSPLAY: The Series Ep.02 – Thirty Days

Ok, let’s take a look at Ep.02 – Thirty Days from COSPLAY: The Series.

Annisa’s idea got off to a great start. Their club’s artist, Eka the pervert, managed to come up with a concept of original cosplay that would “do everyone proud.” Meanwhile, Vincent and Ocha negotiate with their headmistress, Kartini. She agrees to return their club’s activity room if they can prove they are making progress with their project within thirty days.

COSPLAY: The Series – Glad to Cooperate with You

Get Your Heart Racing! I was totally impressed since the first glimpse of the Cosplay: The Series. Does their declaration also touch your heartstrings?

Cosplay: The Series refers to a high-school comedy web series about a cosplay club. Professional cosplayers are busy with making teleplays and holding contests there. Thanks very much, for agreeing with the long-term cooperation with us. It will be our pleasure to sponsor you costumes for the current Fanart Competition and rebroadcasting your episodes. (I do feel interested about the story compiled by Bonni Rambatan :D)

Now, let’s begin with the Ep.01 — Nation’s Pride:

Sometimes, the weirdest kids in school belong to a single club: the cosplay club, Q-Cosushinkai. But today, the club has just received terrible news: they cannot live up to their school’s name of being a “nation’s pride,” and is about to be disbanded, thanks to the provocation of archenemy Sukma…

Cosplay fans, we will continue to update works from COSPLAY: The Series. Just keep attention.