Do’s And Don’ts For Cosplay Photographers

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Lots of people are present on comic conventions right now ,people love cosplay and also love take cosplay photos from Cosplay Photographers.Thanx to some amazing Cosplay Photographers, we can see many fantastic cosplay photos online. But Is there any “Do’s And Don’ts” for Cosplay Photographers when they shot photos in conventions or other big anime parties?

For cosplayers and photographers, they will not need to enter into the stage while taking photos. In other words, they will always stay in places out of the arena. Thus, staffs can’t have an overall management for the shooting environment on the cosplay occasion. In this case, the order can only be maintained by photographers themselves, which implies cameramen’s self-discipline takes an important role in building a great photographing environment.

Do not shoot at “no photos” places. It’s known to all that it’s selfish and irrespective about other visitors to shoot in a rather crowded booth area where photographing is forbidden. A roadblock will form, which causes big inconvenience for other spectators and also traffic jams. This behavior will be unfriendly to other people in the same industry.

Do not carry doubtful photographic equipments. When it comes to photographic equipments, cameramen should avoid suspicious apparatuses like see-through O-ray cameras. Besides, when photographers carry heavy equipments like big flashlight and tripod, they should pay close attention to their movements. After all, being hit by tripod or feeling a suddenly big flash in the front will be rather uncomfortable for cosplayers.

Get permission from cosplayers
. Before taking a photo, photographers should get permission from people who will be shot. And it’s a very impolite behavior to take a photo without the photographed person’s approval. Besides, do not ask cosplayers to pose unfavorably or dangerously. Cameramen should respect cosplayers because this performance is really toilsome. Do not disturb them if they feel uncomfortable or haven’t finished dressing.

State the use of photos. Most cosplayers care where their photos will be published or used. Thus, it’s a must to enquire cosplayers’ desire if photographers plan to use those pictures on other places like website, media, etc. If cosplayers refuse, don’t make their pictures public please. ^_^ What’s more, it’s much better to tell them sites where their photos will be uploaded or the use of their photos while enquiring.

These etiquettes should be observed by not only cosplay photographers, but also all people present on the cosplay conventions. Certainly, a favorable environment enables you to have more fun.