Dragon Ball Cosplay Photo Contest – Win Deluxe Cosplay Costume From Miccostumes

Are you a Dragon Ball devotee? Have you ever done a Dragon Ball cosplay? If you do, don’t be hesitate to join in our Dragon Ball Cosplay Photo Contest to share your fabulous cosplay photo with the world. More excitingly, while communicating with the Dragon Ball cosplay Community, you will get a chance to win the contest and get free costume from Miccostumes.com.

The contest entries will be held on Deviantart.com. Those who have the most “Votes” will win the contest. Each winner will be rewarded with any costume in our cosplay store.

Please read the rules and details of the contest below.



1. Time for the Contest: the contest starts on May 15 and will end on June 15 (New York Time).

2. Winners: Those who have the most “Votes” will win the contest. The number of winners depends on the number of the contestants. If there are no more than 20 contestants, there will be only one winner. One additional winner will be added if 20 more contestants join in, i.e.

  1. 1-20 contestants—1 winner
  2. 21-40 contestants–2 winners
  3. 41-60 contestants–3 winners
  4. and so on.

Prizes: each winner will be rewarded with any costume in our cosplay store. In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash card, which can be used for a $5 discount when purchasing in our costume store.

3. Submissions: submissions are valid among May 15-June 15. Submissions can only be make by email to miccostume[@]gmail.com. Please send us one Dragon Ball Cosplay Photo, together with your infomation including:

  1. Name:
  2. Gender:
  3. Nationality:
  4. Personal or social sites:
  5. Charater:
  6. Tell us a little about yourself and the photo, and also your obsession with Dragon Ball:

4. About the photo:

  1. Only one photo will be accepted for a particular contestant. Just choose the best one to submit.
  2. The photo should only feature the contestant. Group photos are not allowed.
  3. The photo should be at least 500px wide.

5. The voting process: the contest entries will be hosted on Deviantart.com. Below are the voting rules.

  1. Each “Favourites”or comment of the entry will be counted as one vote. Different comments from the same fan will be counted as one vote only. Comments from contestants and organizer won’t count.
  2. In addition, the organizer Miccostumes.com acts as another judge. We will govern 20 votes and vote for the top 20 contestants. I.e., the best photo (in our opinion) will get additional 20 votes, the second will get 19 votes, third 18, and so on.


Important notes: Miccostumes will be involved in the investigation if the participants obtain votes through irregular ways (like creating new accounts to vote for youself), and the participants will be disqualified in some serious cases. Miccostumes reserves the right of final interpretation of this contest.