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Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Lilly Rose (SecretAttire)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian

Social Networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart,, Youtube

Hey, my name is Lilly Rose but in the cosplay world I go by SecretAttire. I’m currently fifteen and I’ve been cosplaying since I was thirteen. Cosplay to me is something I can use to get out of my awkward bubble, try new things and be able to express myself. I’ve also been able to use cosplay to make some amazing friends that I know will be in my life for a very long time and make a closer relationship with my grandma since cosplay is something we bond over.


Lilly’s Naruto Cosplay Performance – Enjoy Them!

1. Anime/Manga: Naruto
Character: Naruto Uzamaki
Verison: Genin

Lilly Rose_22

Description: Out of all of my Naruto photos, singles and group photos, this is definetly my favourite. I don’t know what it is about it – maybe it’s the bright colours, maybe it’s the awkward but enjoyable angle. Whatever it is though, I really love it. And ironic enough, that was the most unenoyable photoshoot ever.

2. Anime/Manga: Naruto
Character: Naruto Uzuamaki
Verison: PJs

Lilly Rose_33

Description: All I can say is damn, my Naruto pj costume is comfy. I really don’t understand why I haven’t gotten more photos of me in the costume.

3. Anime/Manga: Naruto
Character: Naruto Uzumaki
Version: Failed shadow clone technique.

Lilly Rose_44

Description: I’m kind of sad that the photo had to be edited to make the lighting and colouring look half decent since the photo set up itself is wonderful. But in the end, the photo turned out pretty good and it always makes me smile.

Here’s a simple interview:

Q: Which Naruto costume listed as prizes do you most want?

A: At first I was thinking to get the Naruto shippuden costume seeing as I only have his genin form currently. But after a while of thinking about it, I’m wanting to do another character from Naruto. I have it down to between Sasuke, Sakura or maybe even Tsunade. I’ll figure it out and choose before the deadline, I swear. C:

Q: What’s attractive to you about cosplay?

A: What I find most attractive about cosplay is that there are so many espects to it. There’s going to be something you like about it no matter what. Whether it’s making your favourite character come to life, getting to act like someone else, having photoshoots, making costumes, getting to go to conventions, ect.

Q: Your most memorable moment while cosplay?

A: To be honest, this whole past year has been my most memorable moment for cosplay. For a year now I’ve been followed by a film crew and filmed for the documentary “My Other Me”. I’ve gotten so many experences out of it and I can’t choose just one that sticks out. The whole thing was amazing.

Q: Are you often photographed? Since many cosplayer (especially beginners) feel nervous or unnatural while facing the lens, would you like to sharing us some experience or skills here?

A: Due to being in a documentary, I get photograped quite a lot for that. As well as by fans and people at conventions. And on top of that, my friends and I have photoshoots all the time.

To be honest, although I’m in front of cameras quite a lot, I feel as if I belong behind a camera and there for I still get really nervous in front of cameras. My best piece of advice would be; don’t take it too seriously. Just let loose and have fun with it. Cosplay is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. It’s just a camera, it’s not life or death.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan you are rather interested in yet not able to do it due to some reasons? And what is your next plan?

A: Since I was little, before I even knew what cosplay was, every Halloween I’ve wanted to be Sheik from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. I’ve never gotten the chance to though. I really don’t know how I would go about making the costume and neither does my grandma. Working with spandex and body suits is something totally foreign to us.  Maybe someday we’ll figure it out and I’ll be able to cosplay Sheik.

My current next plan for cosplay is both Max from Where The Wild Things Are and Earl Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. Both of which I really look forward to but for completely different reasons. Max is a character from my childhood and I always like the idea of bringing my childhood favourites to life. Where for Ciel I look forward to cosplaying him because I have a Black Butler cosplay group put together with a bunch of my friends, including my best friend. Also, I’ve really admired Ciel’s outfits for awhile now. I’m super excited that I’ll get to wear my favourite one soon.

Q: Which cons do you want to participate recently? What is your favorite part about going to cons?

A: I actually have quite a few conventions that I attend and my list seems to keep getting longer. So far my main conventions are TsukinoCon, SakuraCon, Cos&Effect and AkiCon. All of them I love to bits and cannot wait to attend again next year. Along with those, I’m actually hoping to attend SD Comic Con in 2012 for my sixteenth birthday.

My favourite thing about conventions is a tie between a few things. I love getting to see all the different costumes, meeting new people/making new friends, getting to see my friends that I don’t get to see too often and most of all, going to conventions is a bonding thing for my grandma and I.

Q: How do your family members think of your cosplay? Do you also feel interested and support you?

A: Since my parents aren’t together, I live with my grandparents and I always have. I have great pride when I say that they are my biggest support in whatever I do artisticly. Since the beginning they have been there to help me with my cosplay. My grandma makes my costumes with me and she attends the conventions with me. My grandpa helps me financially by paying for my convention passes, hotels, travel expenses, fabric, and he also helps me with photograph skills since photography is something we both enjoy.


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