Daily Cosplay – Code Geass Ania Cosplay

Code Geass Ania Cosplay

Can you image how surprising an outstanding crossplay will be? Before seeing this picture, I have never known. Yeh, this is a Russian boy. But his Code Geass Ania cosplay seems so feminine and appealing, right? He is known as DaisukeDano on DA. He is interested in cosplay, dance, sewing and reading. Leloush and Haul are his favorite cartoon characters. I rather love his Ania cosplay appearance. Pink hair looks great with his complexion. Big eyes also impress me a lot. To see more pictures about his Ania cosplay, just pay a visit to his site please.

New Arrival on August 19 – Code Geass Shirley Fenette Cosplay Costume

Code Geass Shirley Fenette cosplay

We are glad to always offer you hot cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, etc timely. We promise each item provided here is carefully designed and elaborately made in our costume factory. Today, Code Geass Shirley Fenette cosplay costume aims to make you an eye-catching hit on the coming Code Geass cosplay show. Just stop at here for minutes, you will be delighted.

Code Geass Shirley Fenette Cosplay Costume1

Shirley Fenette costume includes a shirt, jacket, skirt, necktie and belt. They are made from high-quality cotton like any other costume on Miccostumes.com. It doesn’t show you loose thread or rough handwork. Smooth texture on the classy cloth makes it look great. Experienced tailors cut out the pattern meticulously, making the costume extremely faithful to the anime. So, you will look the same with Shirley Fenette with this costume!

Code Geass Shirley Fenette Cosplay Costume2

Shirley Fenette cosplay costume can be chosen on size S, M, L and XL. But some cosplayers tend to customize their costumes. Of course, this is also supported here. We can ship out the costume in 48hrs and accept a returning for refund in 3 days. Order here and share us your pictures with our costumes, wigs, etc worn, you can also get a chance for lucky draw. Winners will receive a full refundment for their payment.

This site serves for an ideal resource where you can realize many cosplay dreams by deluxe yet cheap costumes. This Code Geass costume is available on $57.89. Check it out now?

New Arrival on August 18 – Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Code Geass suzaku cosplay

Miccostumes.com serves as a great resource where you can realize any cosplay dream. Today, Code Geass Suzaku cosplay costume was finished in our costume factory. It makes you look the same with Suzaku. Being faithful to the anime and made from luxurious cloth, it will ideally cater to your needs :D.

Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Suzaku costume includes a jacket, tuxedo, overcoat and trousers. They are made from first-grade cotton. It’s elaborately designed before cutting out a pattern. So it’s ensured to be extremely similar to the anime style. Size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made can be all chosen. So everybody can find the right size to flatter their body shapes!

Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Suzaku cosplay can be greatly enriched by this Code Geass costume. This detailed picture shows you classy quality on the costume. It can be washed directly in cold water and lined dry, without going out of shape. Order now, you check it out on $119.45 with shipping in 48hrs. If any dissatisfaction, just return it for a refund in 3 days.

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