2011 ChinaJoy – Show You a Magnificent Pageant of Beauties


ChinaJoy is held once a year. The 2011 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference was generated on during 28-31 July in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Undoubtedly, it’s another pageant where is filled with beauties, XD.


Giant Showgirl Rabbit team, Snail SG with blue navel-baring clothing and Hunting Country’s sexy SG bicycles are absolutely eye-catching hits on the show. Girls with sexy rabbit dresses have charmed the crowd at the giant exhibition stand, which is definitely the entrance of the expo. Many girls walk in a row, absolutely stealing the show!


The expo is filled with people who stop their steps to enjoy beauty. The exhibition stand is surrounded so that water can’t flow past, lol.


What do people see on CJ? Is it game or pretty girl? Yes, both of them will gain notice. Showgirls spare no efforts to attract eyeballs. Some of them express their cuteness and some of them show alluring dance.



Clothes on girls are undoubtedly the most important finishing touches that enhance their glamour! Some of them are wild. But some of them feel rather mysterious. Below, let’s take a look at pretty girls appearing on 2011 ChinaJoy!




















School Uniforms in Different Countries – Detect the Diverse Appeal

Believe it or not, school uniforms are absolutely not only clothes for students. They stand for the culture or beauty appreciation standard of a country. To wear uniforms has become a trend in most countries in modern era. Today, let’s take a look at school uniforms in different nations. This will be interesting. And here, you will detect diverse allure!

School Uniforms in Thailand – The Sexiest

1-School Uniforms in Thailand

Students in Thailand are required to wear school uniforms from the primary school to college. New style of uniforms for girl students is rather sexy, on which white shirt is changed to be close-fitting and short-sleeved. But how tight are they? Yes, they can totally expose each curve of the wearer. Changes also happened on black skirts. They were long to cover knees before. But now, they are drop waist and miniskirts with ruffle. The waistline is near the hip. And the hem only reaches to the middle part of the leg. To walk more conveniently, a split is designed at the slant side of the miniskirt. Referring to this, some middle or old-age people are rather dissatisfied. They think this is an ultimate damage for moral.

School Uniforms in England – The Most Orthodox

2-School Uniforms in England

Style of England school uniforms is rather classic, simple and decent. Middle school students must wear orthodox western-style school uniforms. Boys wear orthodox western-style clothes, regular leather shoes and must wear necktie. Girls also wear western-style clothes, regular leather shoes and must wear bowtie. This classic clothing style unconsciously affects England students’ temperament and also sense of beauty.

School Uniforms in Korea – The Gentlewomanliest

3-School Uniforms in Korea

Do you still remember the classic frames in My Sassy Girl? Gianna Jun and Cyun Cha wore senior school uniforms while going to the bar. What they wore are definitely the most common school uniforms in Korea. Boys wear white shirt and western-style trousers. Girls wear white shirt, flower checked ruffle skirt and bowknot.

School Uniforms in Japan – The Cutest

4-School Uniforms in Japan

For students, school uniforms in Japan are not only symbols for a school, but also a symbol for the current fashion trends, even a crucial factor that affects students while choosing a school. Japanese school uniforms for girls originate in sailor suits. So they are also called as sailor suits or sailor uniforms. Anime elements are used on them. Then, Japanese school uniforms for boys are classic dark colored clothes with stand-up collar, being similar to Chinese tunic suits.

School Uniforms in Malaysia – The Most Conservative

5-School Uniforms in Malaysia

Students in Malaysia obey rather strict rules. Girls’ dresses must be long to cover the knees. Shirts must cover the elbow. Comparing with Thai students, they are much more conservative, XD.

School Uniforms in Australia – The Most Unified

6-School Uniforms in Australia

Both boy and girl students in Australia are required to wear black leather shoes and white socks. They wear school uniforms all the time except the physical education, when they need to wear gym suits.

School Uniforms in Oman – Having The Most Ethnic Characteristics

7-School Uniforms in Oman

School uniforms in Oman are believed to have the most ethnic features. Boy students wear traditional robes. Girl students wear veil.

School Uniforms in Bhutan – The Most Practical

8-School Uniforms in Bhutan

It’s said that students in Bhutan don’t carry school bags. They carry all stationeries and books in clothes. So their uniforms are always bulged.

School Uniforms in United States – The Most Uncontrolled


Campus environment in United States is rather unconstrained. Students can decide by themselves whether they buy and wear school uniforms or not.

School Uniforms in China – The Most Classic & Sportive

10-School Uniforms in China

School uniforms in most schools of China are only different in size. You can’t find big differences between boys’ uniforms and girls’ uniforms only from the appearance. Both of them are loose sport suits.

School uniforms nowadays also become a hot theme for cosplay. Go to Miccostumes.com for deluxe yet inexpensive school uniforms.

A Review on Cosplay in China

Along with the increasing number of cosplay activities in China, and especially the sharply climbing popularity of China Joy Cosplay, this performance art is known by more and more people. Below, let’s take a closer look at the history of cosplay in China.

It’s reported that cosplay was first introduced to Hong Kong, China in 1993. There is another saying that cosplay first appeared in Taiwai, China in 1995. But no matter which saying accords with the truth, cosplay in China began at a time that’s much later than the origin of cosplay in some western countries.

At that time, cosplay shows were organized by a small group and popular only in a small scale. In Taiwan, most of cosplayed characters were from video games. An organization in Hong Kong, named 400 feet, cosplayed the Allied Forces in Legend of the Galactic Heroes in 1993. With climbing popularity of cosplay, Hong Kong Cartoonist Association held a cartoon show which was a real visual feast for cartoon fans in 1998.

Girl from China Joy

Compared with Hong Kong and Taiwan, cosplay in the mainland of China has a shorter history. It firstly emerged in mainland in 1988 and gained a skyrocketing improvement since cosplay in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong developed in a fast pace. In August 2000, the first cosplay competition in the mainland was held successfully.

In the wake of this funny & fantastic show, a series of cosplay competitions were staged, sponsored by some famous websites in China like Tencent and China Joy. As above picture shows to us, splendid cosplayers like this one seem rather stunning! In 2011, Cover Coser competition definitely stirs up a new trend in China.

As a hot spot drawing most cosplay fanatics’ attention, Cover Coser Competition is sponsored by China Joy and organized by Howell Expo. The jury members are from all circles like Tencent, Posts and Telecom Press. On January 12, cosplay fanatics were pouring to upload their cosplay pictures to China Joy. The list of winners was published on April 22. According to the report, participants this year showed better performance what cosplayers of previous years did.

The picture above is the artwork from the champion, named Xiao Meng. He started his role playing life in 2003. During these years, many terrific characters were cosplayed by this young and handsome boy. Besides, he wins a bundle of prizes for himself. This time, he cosplayed the character in Yasha Kisouden and won the first prize. Stunning?

The runner-up is Zhao Jing whose English name is Rayna. You can also call her Maru. She was born in Nan Jing, Jiang Su Province in China on August 7, 1988. In this Cover Coser competition, she cosplayed as Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII. Her terrific cosplay drives me crazy!

The bronze medalist is Lalaax. He studies at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. His Bleach Murus Hierago cosplay helped him win the bronze medal. In this competition, he tried something new and exceeded the limit.

From these wonderful cosplay works, we can make a conclusion that cosplay in china has stepped into the right track. Just as the jury of Cover Coser said, the strength of contestant had a dramatic enhancement. It’s totally believed more excellent performances will be released in the China cosplay world.