Live Convention – Annie at CP04 Instance and CCG

Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Annie/Female/Chinese

Personal or social sites: DeviantArt

A little introduction about yourself and the convention: I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku’s original outfit which is bought from and then slightly modified by me. This was when I was on holiday in Mainland China in this summer (I live in England). These pictures show two different conventions where I wore the same costume as it is the only one I took along with me. The first two photos are taken in Beijing at a con called CP04 Instance, the others are taken in Shanghai at a con called CCG. I always enjoy cosing as a Miku as I absolutely love her character and appearances. n_n

Actually the anime industry is considerably larger in China compared to the UK, so events and activity like this are more well known. In fact, On my way to the con and back, many members of the public recognised my character! The conventions’ atmosphere was lively and I also had fun with taking pictures with other cosers (like the Rin shown here). I found the Chinese convention community very friendly and welcoming, even though this is my first time at attending a anime convention in China. Lastly, I want to thank miccostumes for making my high quality costume, and I hope you all like my entry! ^o^


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