Top 10 Beautiful Dumb Doras in Japanese Anime

Beautiful dumb Doras have already become pretty scenery in the anime world. Boys who tender heart are often attracted by these girls. But most smart girls turn their noses up at those witless beauties. Below, top 10 good-looking yet wooden-hearted anime girls are listed.

No. 10: Mouri Ran in Detective Conan

1-Mouri Ran

Reason to be selected: Mouri Ran is cute and good at Karate. But while being compared with intelligent Kudou Shinichi, she feels more like a witless beauty.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★

No. 9: Nāra-Oh Renge in Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato

2-Nāra-Oh Renge

Reason to be selected: becoming stubborn and extreme because of love, Nāra-Oh Renge is lack of acute insight.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★☆

No. 8: Shaina in Saint Seiya


Reason to be selected: understanding love yet not knowing how to love, Shaina is a spoony girl. She can learn from Chun Li and Esmeralda about how to attract the lover’s heart.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★★

No. 7: Haruko Akagi in Slam Dunk

4-Haruko Akagi

Reason to be selected: Haruko Akagi worries about Sakuragi and Rukawa all the day, who is absolutely a witless beauty. But probably, ideal girls for high school boys are definitely like her, XD.

Beauty Index: ★★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★

No. 6: Saori Kido in Saint Seiya

5-Saori Kido

Reason to be selected: As Athena’s incarnation, Saori is so weak in self-protection that she is easily entrapped in danger. As a result, a number of handsome boys fight and sacrifice for her.

Beauty Index: ★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★☆

No. 5: Asuka Sugo in Future GPX Cyber Formula


Reason to be selected: Asuka Sugo is absolutely a decorative vase girl with good-looking face and slender figure. As an innocent racing girl, she is lack of personality and characteristics.

Beauty Index: ★★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★☆

No. 4: Carol in Daughter of the Nile


Reason to be selected: probably the author makes Carol a perfect girl like the angel. But it’s a pity that things go contrary to his wish. Readers don’t like Carol because she is arrogant and troublesome.

Beauty Index: ★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★★

No. 3: Yuri Suzuki in Anatolia Story

8-Yuri Suzuki

Reason to be selected: Yuri Suzuki always seem unhappy, who combines shortcomings on Asuka and Carol.

Beauty Index: ★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★★

No. 2: Miaka Yūki in Fushigi Yûgi

9-Miaka Yūki

Reason to be selected: undoubtedly, Miaka Yūki is a witless young girl. Even though her intelligence quotient is low, she has an incredibly good appetite. But such a girl is loved by lots of handsome boys. No wonder all girls don’t like her.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★★☆

No. 1: Tsukino Usagi in Sailor Moon

10-Tsukino Usagi

Reason to be selected: Tsukino Usagi may be the most stupid girl among idiots. She is a funny young girl, claiming do duty for the Moon.

Beauty Index: ★★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★★★

Is it unbelievable to see the intelligent goddess Athena is considered to be a dumb Dora? Anyway, different people hold diverse opinions for this. Just join in the discussion below.