New Arrival on Mar. 30 – Axis Powers Hetalia Antonio Cosplay Costume

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Axis Powers Hetalia Antonio Cosplay Costume

Available at $65.59, Axis Powers Hetalia Antonio Cosplay Costume from us surely will make your show a big success 🙂 . It comes with a jacket, pants, bow tie and belt. Each part is carefully crafted according to the outfit of the original character from the anime. You will be a real Antonio with this stunning costume! We adopt quality fabric to make the costume to offer you ultra comfort all day long. Just wash it in cold water and line dry. It can be used for several times.

Axis Powers Hetalia Antonio Cosplay Costume1

The Antonio Cosplay Costume is offered in four regular sizes, Men S, M, L, and XL. You also can choose custom made sizes to get a costume that fits perfectly. Just fill in the correct measurements when you place an order. Then the costume will be made according to your size and shipped out soon. We take customer service as our priorities. Hope you enjoy your shopping at Miccostumes.

Interview with Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest Winner La Tobba

La TobbaThis is another winner for our Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart contest held in last month – La Tobba. She has gotten a sponsorship from – the Axis Powers Hetalia Antonio cosplay Costume. After receiving the costume, she will take photos and share those with all of us. Just expect :P! Below, we make an interview with her.

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

I think that there are too many people that take cosplay too seriously.I see a lot of people going mad because their cosplay or their wig isn’t exactly like the one of the character they have decided to cosplay.  I think that it’s not a job but only a way to have fun with friends, so take it easy 😉

2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

I mostly do cosplay during the convention but sometimes I also dress up for fun when I’m home or with friends so… something between the two things.

3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

To me they’re pretty much the same thing.

4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

Yeah if you can identify yourself into your character when you have bought your whole costume you’re still a cosplayer. We’re not all gods of the sewing machine though realizing your cosplay by yourself is much better than buying it since you get more satisfaction and more fun.

5. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

I don’t know maybe something related to cosplay music videos.

Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest – A Chance to Get Your Really Desirable Hetalia Cosplay Costume


  • Delay of the Contest Time

Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay fans, huge thanks for your joining in our contest. Since we will have a holiday from Jan. 22 to 28, we will postpone this contest. Application forms will be continually accepted until Jan. 30. And we will announce the winners on Jan. 31. Email us your application form. We will publish your article and reply to you once coming back from the holiday.

  • Send Us Links If You Published Articles Somewhere

As promised, we will provide each of you extra votes as long as you post articles related to the contest on any site you or your friends have. You are also suggested to take a photo with the placard. If you have ever done, just remember to send us links for your articles or your photos. Otherwise, we will be unable to add votes for you. Your understanding will be deeply appreciated :P!


To realize cooperation with more anime, manga, cosplay etc fans, we will also launch a fanart contest about Axis Powers Hetalia at January 1, 2012. If you are interested in fanart, don’t be hesitant to send us your favorite fanart works. We will publish an article about you at our blog. Participants getting the highest polls will be winners, who will be sponsored with free Hetalia cosplay costumes! Besides, each participant will get 10% of coupon code which can be used when you purchase in our store. Good luck, everybody.

See Prizes First :D! Each winner can choose any costume listed below.

Hetalia Axis Powers America Cosplay CostumeHetalia Axis Powers England Cosplay CostumeBlue Hetalia Axis Powers France Cosplay CostumeHetalia Axis Powers Norway Cosplay CostumeHetalia Axis Powers Russia Cosplay CostumeAxis Powers Hetalia Antonio cosplay CostumeHetalia Axis Powers Germany Blue Cosplay CostumeHetalia Axis Powers Italy Cosplay CostumeAxis Powers Hetalia Sealand Cosplay CostumeAxis Powers Hetalia Japan Cosplay Costume

Details & Rules

1. Qualification for Joining in the Contest.

Everybody, having ORIGINAL Hetalia fanart works, is welcomed to join in our Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart contest.

2. Time for the Contest.

The contest will be held during January 1 – 20, 2012. Winners will be announced at Jan 21.

3. How to Join?

Send your information listed below to

A. Name
B. Avartar
C. Gender
D. Nationality
E. Website (like Facebook, Deviantart or other social or personal blogs)
F. Introduce Yourself (tell us your obsessing about Hetalia and Fanart)
G. Favorite fanart of your own (no more than 5 and send us the source where the picture was posted before)
H. Description for each picture (covering the name for the character and medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.)

4. How Many People Will Win Out Finally?

The number of winners is absolutely decided by YOU! We will set 1 winner if less than 10 people join in the contest. Each 1 winner number will be added when every 10 more people join in. That is to say, 2 winners will be picked out if 11-20 people take part in. 3 will be picked out if 21-30 people join in and so on.

How to Win?

1.    Get votes from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

After receiving your information and fanart works, we will post an article about you at our blog within 1 working day and send you the link. There will be Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus buttons displayed above the article. Everybody can vote for you via these buttons. Polls you get from all of them will be added up finally.

To take over the lead, you are strongly recommended to ask support from your friends. Don’t be hesitant to ask them and their friends to vote for you!

2.    Get extra votes from us.

Yeh, we do offer extra votes for all of you. However, to make the contest absolutely fair, we will only offer 15 extra votes for each participant at most. All you need to do is to post articles on websites that have already been operated for some time. As long as the contest is related to the contest and covers a hyperlink to our store, this article or the article we make for you, we will add extra 1 vote for you. But different articles on the same site won’t help you get repetitive votes.

After getting all extra votes we can provide, you can still popularize the contest. Once the contest gets known by more people, you are likely to get more polls too!

Another easier way to get extra votes is to take a photo with this placard. Post the photo onto any site you have, you will get extra 10 votes! Here is an example:


Check Out All the Participants:

Kathy Chan Loes WenemoserLoes WenemoserGentiana Hime (Gracjana Kasperkiewicz)Nicky YangSweetYamaneChanMintyPandaItalianPasta

The Current Situation of the Contest (later, we will update this part each Friday. Just keep noticing.)

Winners Announced


1. Must my fanart works be related to Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay? And must they be original?

We are sorry but it’s a must! Anybody who cites others’ fanart pictures will be disqualified. And the source where you initially posted the fanart will be needed, together with above basic information. We will check. Your understanding will be deeply appreciated :P.

2. If I win out, can I transfer the costume to my friend?

Yes, you can send the costume to anybody you like once you win out.

3. Will I be required to do some things for you if getting the sponsorship from you?

We hold this contest, looking forward to getting more cooperation with any of you. So, winner will sign a contract with us. But just don’t worry. It will be easy for you to take some photos with the costume and share those pictures with us, right?

4. How can I know how the contest is going anytime?

We will update this article at each Friday, listing several participants who row over at present. So, just keep noticing what we share here.

We have made a PPT tutorial, guiding you on how to win out easily from a contest. Click here to see it. Any problem, just contact us via

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Cosplay Talent Bastet Sama – Sponsored with Axis Powers Hetalia Natalia Arlovskaya Cosplay Wig

Thanks, Bastet, for sharing us your cosplay photos 😛 😛 :P.

Bonne Jenet Cosplay4
Bonne Jenet Cosplay3
Bonne Jenet Cosplay2
Bonne Jenet Cosplay5
Bonne Jenet Cosplay1

This is another cosplay talent sponsored by us. She is known as Bastet Sama or Jigoku-Tsuushin at She comes from Argentina. The wig she wore for taking these pictures was sponsored by us. Click Axis Powers Hetalia Natalia Arlovskaya Cosplay Wig to see details on the product.

Axis Powers Hetalia Natalia Arlovskaya Cosplay Wig1

Bastet wore the wig for her B. Jenet (Bonne Jenet)cosplay. But actually, it also fits many other cosplay themes. It’s made from luxurious nylon hair, feeling rather supple. You can cut it and clean it in cold water easily. Just comb it with a specialized steel comb. And don’t wash it too frequently.

Cosplay devotees, you are welcomed to join in our cosplay contest (contest in January will be launched in recent days) or write for us. In these cases, you are likely to get a sponsorship from us. We do look forward to cooperation with more and more people :D!

Daily Cosplay – Axis Powers Hetalia Hungary Cosplay

Axis Powers Hetalia Hungary Cosplay

If you are interested in looking for pretty cosplay boys and girls, just keep updated with our daily cosplay category. Today, another cosplay talent is found by us. She is known as Monsoonlotus at Having strong favor for cosplay and being a game geek and figure admirer, she shows us many breathtaking cosplay pictures in her gallery. Sheryl Nome, Elizabeta Héderváry and Metal Gear Solid especially draw her interest. This picture definitely shows us her Axis Powers Hetalia Hungary (Elizabeta Héderváry) cosplay. The dress makes her seem rather elegant. Like this one, her Sheryl Nome cosplay is rather feminine. See it in her gallery please.