Studio Ghibli-Spirited Away No Face Cosplay (Bath tokens prop)


Now, most of us has seen at least one Studio Ghibli movie and one of my favorites is “Spirited Away”. And, one of my favorite characters is No Face. No face is a spirit that becomes infatuated with the main character Chihiro and as he follows her around the bath house he starts offering her Bath tokens as a ‘Thank you’ and nice gesture toward her, which I find very sweet (I mean who could say no to that face *pun intended*). So because No face is my favorite character I shall be cosplaying a Human version of No face this year at Animazement 2015. And for a prop for No Face I’ll be making the bath tokens, which I will also show you how to make it below.



First things first, you’ll need materials:

  • Air dry Clay (this can also be substituted with Polymer clay)
  • All Purpose Acrylic Paint
  • Mod Podge (You don’t need this but it helps give your tokens a shine)
  • 2 brushes
  • Sculpting tools
  • For Polymer Clay:
  • Colors:  Red, Black and Yellow

1.Take some clay about the size of your palm and roll it into a ball.


2.Now flatten the clay using the heel of your hand and smoothing out evenly. In the end at first it’ll look like a pancake but it’ll go through a cool transformation in the end 😉


3.Now take your knife looking sculpting tool and cut four sides to your pancake and separate the extra clay from it. *Great Tip: After Separating your clay smooth out the edges on the side to make it look like a domino but a bit bigger.*


4.Now So far your Bath Token should be looking like a larger size domino. Now cut the two top ends of the Bath Token (I do this to give the end a sharper look) and smooth out the corners with your thumb. *Tip: It’s good to practice shaping your Bath Token, it took me a few times before I actually created the perfect shape for myself so keep practicing \(^o^)/*


5.Now once done let your Air dry clay dry for a few hours ( usually I put them in front of a fan so they’ll dry quicker) *Tip: When working with Air Dry clay the clay isn’t completely dry until it turns a lighter color close to white* For my Polymer Clay people you can skip the next step since you will not be painting. Yay!


6.Now once your done take your All Purpose Acrylic paint and paint Red all over your clay made Bath Token (The paint is very quick when it comes to painting the air dry clay so you won’t have to worry about waiting for the paint to dry) Recommended: After each coat of paint add a Mod Podge coat to bring a shine to it but please do this in a ventilated area because it smells really weird and can cause headaches.


7.In the end you have a really nice Bath Token that will be perfect for a No Face Cosplay. I started off by painting the circle on my very first Token and layered the yellow on top with about 6 layers. For Polymer Clay users you can take the yellow clay and cut out a circle and putting it on top of Bath token and then baking it in the oven.


8.After everything I ended up with ten of my own bath tokens which I used the designs by looking at pictures of No face holding different Bath Tokens.I hope this Tutorial helped you with your no face cosplay or maybe even if it wasn’t for No face it could be of help in some way. This tutorial was made for fun so I hope you had fun. And Maybe, Just maybe if you make enough Bath Tokens your Chihiro will notice you at your next convention. So Stay positive, Stay Healthy, and Stay Creative.



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