Soul Eater Maka Albarn Wig Tutorial

So I heard you want to cosplay a cute scythe master? But you’re in need of a beautiful wig because every wig online is either too dark or the pigtails just aren’t right?

I feel you, so I’ll give you a recommendation.

This tutorial will be made using this wig. If you’re interested you can check out my Facebook page for a review of this wig.

So, let’s get started!

  1. First of all LOOK AT THAT PRETTY THING. You need to know how the pigtails are attached. And then, take them out.make

2.Now, don’t worry, we’ll put them back on. But you need to decide where you want them. I opened the little pigtails underneath the actual pigtails and brushed them out. I wanted my pigtails to be in the middle of the little ones so I had to divide the hair. Try to find a place where they’ll look good and be sure that there is enough hair above the pigtails so the transition from pigtail to base wig is more fluent. The pigtails are quite wide and have little combs on the inside. Tie them together underneath the comb. Then just carefully pin them into place.make a3. Check the position and then remove the wig from your wig stand. Now with a matching thread just sew them on! Be careful, the upper part can be seriously hard to sew through.Step cc

4.Yay! Now you have a wig with pigtails. Drape the hair we saved above the transition and check the bangs. You’re done!Step ddGo and hunt those afreets! Good luck!



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