Soul Eater Evans Wig Tutorial

Hello friends, it’s Luxayre Cosplay again! This time I want to show you how I style my wig for Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater. He’s a funny guy who can transform into a scythe and it’s so cute how he protects his meisterMaka!

If you want to have a perfect Soul Eater cosplay or need a wig then take a look at Miccostumes’s pretty cosplay


Anyways, let’s transform! (Eh… start….)

These are the materials I used:

Got2Be’s hair spray and hair gel

A comb

A wig detangler

A hairdryerMaterials

  1. Start with your maybe tousled wig. Put it on a wig head and use some needles to make it stay on. Then spray it with your wig detangler to make it smooth and easy to comb. I made this one myself. It consists of one part body lotion and five parts water. Mix it well and you’re good to go. Don’t use more lotion or your wig may get greasy. In the next pictures you can see my before and after.Step aStep aa

2. Then carefully separate the bangs. Leave some hair in the front and on both sides. See? This way you don’t have to search for any hair afterwards.Step b3. Now gather some hair at the top for his giant spike. Get some from the bangs and from the back. Don’t make it too wide or you’ll look like one single spike. Try not to concentrate the hair too much, leave it loose so it gets more volume.Step c4. Spray the bottom of the spike first. Don’t use too much or it’ll look sticky. Then spray the top. Use a hairdryer and carefully blow dry the spike. If you are satisfied move on to the next two spikes directly underneath. If you want you can secure the spikes with hair gel. I did not because I like the natural look.Step d

5.Take care of the back now. Use the hair to hide the net where it has become visible. Comb it to the side of the spikes. Spray the hair first and then use your fingers to form many small spikey strands.Step e

6. And you’re done! Well…. Almost! Put on your head band! Show everyone that you’re in the EAT class!

7. Go hunt some bad dudes down and don’t forget to protect your meister!Step fI hope you liked the wig styling tutorial. Have fun and good luck!


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