Simple Ways to Make National Superhero Day More Meaningful

About National Superhero Day

We need heroes to protect us and uphold justice. We also need a special day to honor our heroes. Thus, National Superhero Day was thought up by Marvel Comics employees on April 28, 1995. This day aimed to honor all superheroes, both real and fictional – who give their all every day. Since then, every year on this day, people will thank their favorite heroes in their own unique way.

How to make National Superhero Day more meaningful?

National Superhero Day is coming! Have you been ready for the celebration? If you haven’t been, start now – just try these simple ways to have an unforgettable experience.

  • Send your favorite hero a note or take her/him to lunch.
  • Write a thank you letter to local police station, fire department or hospital.
  • Post photos on social media by using #NationalSuperheroDay.
  • Dress up as your favorite superhero via cosplay.

In fact, many people have already taken action, bringing their favorite heroes to life through superhero cosplay. Let’s have a look!

Captain Kaycee

Reddit user Captain Kaycee gives us this amazing cosplay, complete with Black Widow costume and prop. “All my cons were cancelled but I still wore my Black Widow cosplay at home”. Well, it’s proven that we can honor our superheroes without leaving home.

Masked Mateo

Masked Mateo earned plenty of praise when he shared this Nightwing cosplay on his Instagram page. Black jumpsuit enhances his curves and makes him look powerful. For men, Nightwing might be a good choice. For women, you’d better turn to female Nightwing cosplay.


Bellas did a fantastic job of showing off Wonder Woman cosplay on her Twitter page. “Dat armor and sword looks so alike with the original ones, wow thumbs up”, his fans said. This shows that it is necessary to choose superhero costumes and props with high degree of reduction.

Witchy Twitchy

Twitter user, Witchy Twitchy brings her superhero to life through Raven cosplay. A lot of praise has been given to her superhero cosplay with the help of Beast Boy cosplay. Everyone firewood flame high. Do you like this idea?

Several simple methods are listed here to make your National Superhero Day more meaningful. Some people have already taken action. How about you? Hurry up to choose one that works best for you!


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