Sailor Venus Minako Aino Wig Tutorial

Hi friends, it’s Luxayre Cosplay again! This time I’ll tell you how to do Minako’s pretty hair without any hairy problems. Since long wigs can be hard to master it is vital that you know how to manage them.

Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty, Guardian of Love, Sailor Venus! Allow me to punish you with the power of love!

  1. Start with your tousled wig. Remember that great wig spray from last time? Use it again and don’t use it sparingly. Long wigs often need that extra love. Brush it out starting at the bottom and go higher and higher. Be careful with any snarls you might encounter and only cut them out if you have no other choice.sailor a
  2. After you have mastered that hairy thing find out where you want to gather the hair. With a fine comb separate the top layers of the wig from the rest. Take some from the front so it looks natural but don’t take all of it or people will be able to see your real hair and hair net.sailor b

3. After having gathered all of the hair, brush it out very carefully. You don’t want to disturb the layers of hair underneath. Don’t leave any bare spots.sailor c

4. Now even everything out until you are satisfied. It might take some more of that helpful spray because the hairs won’t fly as much as when they are dry and brushed. Then wrap a hair tie around the tail. If you’re using a regular hair tie be careful. You might pull the hair in such a way that everything will be for naught. You can cut a tie in half so you just tie it around it and close it with a knot. When that’s done just put on her pretty bow. Mine is made out of craft foam and fabric. Cut a rectangular piece of craft foam in the size of the bow. Sew a little rectangular “bag” of the same size and put the craft foam inside. Then put a hair tie in the middle and it’s done.sailor d

5. Go and punish those bad boys and girls now! Meet up with your fellow Sailors and fight for what’s right! And don’t forget to pet Artemis and strike some nice poses.

Good luck!Luxayre Cosplay

Picture by B Photography; Cosplay by Luxayre Cosplay

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