Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Ram Makeup Tutorial

Maid dresses are a huge part of Japanese culture and there are many cute dresses to choose from. But lately there have been two quite weird maids roaming the internet. Yes, I mean Re: Zero’s Ram and Rem! I’ll tell you how to look like the older sister.

You can try this wig and cut it to look perfectram

First prime your face and make sure it’s clean and well hydrated. Use foundation and concealer and then powder to set it. Then use some nice pink blush.

Now get your eyeliner. Ram has quite straight eyes so don’t use a round technique for her. Line your waterline with white eyeliner and apply mascara on your bottom lashes. I put some white eyeliner into the inner corners of my eyes and then some pink eye shadow near the outer corners.ram-bOkay, it’s time for your lashes! I only put it on one side because it got all tangled up in my wig. Blend your lashes together. Don’t forget to colour in your eyebrows!ram-cIt’s time for your wig! If you want you can apply some concealer on your lips and put some colour onto the middle. Yay, you’re done!ram-d

Thank you to Luxayre Cosplay for sharing her skill and experience.

If you are considering being Ram, you can find  the accurate maid uniform for the twin Rem and Ramhere.


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