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Naruto Cosplay is one of the most popular cosplay ideas for many years,you can see all the animes in naruto at many cosplay conventions or animes parties. So “How to make  naruto cosplay” or “Are there any naruto cosplay tutorials” is the most asked questions in most cosplay forums. So today, we figure out we should make a list about  naruto cosplay tutorials (we will update this tutorials list step by step) , help every naruto cosplayer who wanna make easy naruto cosplay or get some DIY naruto cosplay ideas .

Naruto Cosplay Accessories tutorials:

Naruto Cosplay Makeup tutorials :

Naruto Cosplay Costumes ,wigs and shoes tutorials:

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Naruto Cosplay Weapons & Armor & Props Tutorials

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Maid Café World Map – Best Travel Guide For Cosplayers

Maid Cafe also means Meido cafe or Cosplay restaurants are more and more popular these days. This first Maid cafe shop was been opened in in Akihabara,Japan around 2000, recently a few more maid cafes are been opened in Shinjuku and other Japanese cities like Osaka and some others around the world. If you are not familiar with Maid cafe, just check it via here .

Like the words mentioned in the post title, this post will provide some useful travel guide for cosplayers or Anime lovers who are looking for Maid cafe or other Cosplay restaurants worldwide, give you some spots or inspirations about the Maid Café couture.

1. Maid Café In America

  • IchigoCafe -based Las Vegas , Maid/Butler café  styles, but differs slightly from Maid Cafés.You can check their twitter to get more lastest updates.
  • Royal/T -L.A.’s first maid cafe , and almost the best maid cafe shop in USA ,Which inspired by the other maid cafés in Toyko, Royal/T being as a café, art gallery and also anime retail shop, you can feelling all the modern Japanese culture in the place,espeical the work of some of today’s most sophisticated contemporary artists: Takashi Murakami, Yoshimoto Nara, and Hideaki Kawashima , etc. Other impressive private collection owned by Susan Hancock(owner of the space) ,which are being place in the gallery space,The collection includes pieces from all the above artists plus other great names like Aya Takano, Yayoi Kusama, and Keisuke Yamamoto. You can find the royal/t cafe at 8910 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232
  • FarOut Toys, a store in San Jose, California specializes in Japanese toys and anime collectibles, is still promoting the maid café it has been managing on Saturdays.
  • MAID for 1 day – from the washingtonpost.com ,Coverage of a temporary Akiba-style maid café set up at Katsucon, an anime convention held just outside of Washington DC.

2. Maid Cafe in Canada

Actually  there was only one maid cafe in Canada before – imaidcafe opened in in Toronto, Ontario in 2006, had closed down in 2007, so pitt ,maybe the cold weather in Canada made the maid cafe shop did not have enough customers 🙁 .

3.Maid Cafe In UK

There is no offcial maid cafe in UK, But there are a few maid cafe events in London. Jetlag bar is running maid cafe from 2pm until 8am,they’ll be serving Japanese dishes, such as curry with rice, Japanese omelet with rice and Japanese Hamburger,Plus teas, coffee and cakes,but Over 18’s only,tickets are £5 and the lastest one will be launched in March 18th. The address of jetlag bar is at Nearest Tube is Great Portland Street.

4.Maid Cafe in Australia

In Australia also do not has any official maid cafe shop ,but Anicafe provide maid cafe event regular, if you are in Australia and also wanna get some maid cafe trip, check Anicafe maid cafe event detais here.

5.Maid cafe in Philippines

The first maid cafe in phillppines has been opened in in capital Manila, a post from deremoe.com has post it in details :

To get to Brookside, just board to any bus going to Taytay.Board a FX going Tikling if you’re coming from Megamall. You’ll pass-through Ever Gotesco Ortigas, the Big (Ironic) R and the cross road called Junction. It’s a long straight road. If you made a turn along the way, then you’ll be heading the wrong way.

Update: I got the time to check this cafe a while ago. Although I never went in, it’s pretty much decent. From what I saw, the patrons are pretty much kids in their early 20′s. That means, the food isn’t that expensive. The furnitures are tailored to a Japanese setting, with low cut tables which means that you have to really sit like a Japanese. I’ll take back what I said earlier and go and try this out. I can’t say when, but I’ll take a note on that.

also you can check the video report at youtube.com below :

6. Maid Café in Hong Kong

  • Maid date – hong kong’s first maid cafe opened for business on 5 Aug 2007, Address : Suite D, 2/F, Percival House, 83 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
  • Cafe-Matsuri –  address :Hang Lung Mansion, 578-580 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong .

7. Maid café Singapore

Cosafe – address 30 Victoria Street,Singapore 187996,6339 2276 , and there is already a shop review about cosafe, just check it at here.

8.Maid cafe in China

  • m-moe – a maid cafe in Shang hai, China, address : Near China Shanghai Huang Pu Qu Zhe Jiang Zhong Lu 229.
  • Cate la maid – 4th Floor, Buynow Shopping Mall , 339 Caoxi Bei Lu (near Nandan Lu).
  • Niaohai – Shanghai Jin Jiang Tower 6F,161 Chang Le Road, Shanghai

9.The last part -Maid Cafe in Japan!!

Actually there are a lot of good maid cafes in japan right now, especial  in Tokyo area , so we will show you some of best maid cafes for examples:

  • Cure Maid Café: Gee Store 6F, Soto-Kanda 3-15-5, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 3258 3161, www.curemaid.jp
  • Akihabara Culture Café Schatz Kiste: Hasegawa Building 1F, Soto-Kanda 6-5-11, Chiyoda-ku, tel. unlisted, schatz-kiste.net
  • @home café: Mitsuwa Building 4F-7F, Soto-Kanda 1-11-4, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 5846 1616, www.cafe-athome.com
  • Café & Kitchen Cos-cha: Soto-Kanda 3-7-12-2F, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 3253 4560, www.cos-cha.com
  • Pash Café Nagomi: Zenitani 2F, Soto-Kanda 1-8-4, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 5256 8001, www.nagomi.tv
  • RoyalMilk Aromacare maidcafe :2-10-21 Sotokanda,Nikka Sekiyu Building 2F,Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo,TEL: 03-3253-7858,HOURS: 12:00-22:00
  • Datenshi no Kyuujitu Little PSX :3-10-3 Sotokanda Isamiya Daiichi Building 4F,Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo,TEL: 03-5297-5475,HOURS: 12:00-22:00
  • Melty Cure :4-6-2 Sotokanda 3F,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,TEL: 03-3254-7557,HOURS: 11:00-21:00 (Registration ends at 20:00).

Some special maid cafes in Japan:

Most foreign friendly: Popopure, which has several non-Japanese, English-speaking maids on site. Dub your own souvenir anime DVD with a maid for ¥1,500. (2F, Soto-Kanda 1-8-10, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 3252 8599, popopure.com)

Weirdest service: Royal Milk offers “Soul Care” — 90 minutes of one-on-one talk with a maid for ¥9,000. This is more expensive than a private English lesson. (Nikka Sekiyuu Building, Soto-Kanda 3-10-12, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 3253 7858, r-milk.com)

Strangest concept: St. Grace’s Court is a nun café where the staff offer miniature food for men dining with dolls and pray for the souls of all their guests. (Chiyoda K1 Building 1F-B1F, Kanda Sudacho 2-19-33, Chiyoda-ku, 03 5298 5947, www.st-gracecourt.com)

For the ladies: Queen Dolce, a “danso” café where girls dress up like beautiful boys and strut their stuff. They are better men than any man ever could be. (Akibako Tower 3F, Soto-Kanda 3-15-6, Chiyoda-ku. tel. 03 3252 2031, www.akibakotower.com/queen-dolce)

Most overrated: Pinafore, which appeared in the Fuji TV primetime drama “Densha Otoko” in 2005 and put Akihabara maid cafés on the popular radar. They don’t actually offer the services seen on TV, and the place smells like cat urine. (Yamanaka Building 1F, Kanda Sakumacho 1-19, Chiyoda-ku, tel. 03 5295 0123, pinafore.livedoor.biz)

Top 10 Cosplay Boys You Wanna Date

In our last post , we talked about  “ Top 10 Charming Cosplay Girls You Wanna Date”. And also, many cosplay girls look forward to making an appointment with cosplay boys who seem rather cool and handsome. This time, top 10 cosplay boys you will want to date are displayed below.

Top 1: Roxas Cosplay Boy

At the first glimpse, I even felt this boy looked so similar with Justin Bieber. Do you also think so? Yes, he is an excellent cosplayer for Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts cosplay . The blond hair with sharp edges made by gel paste perfectly, matching great with his oval face type. The white jacket decorated by red collar and black stripes wonderfully slim his silhouette. He definitely choose a good anime to cosplay , which carries a similar complexion and body shape with him. Cute, isn’t he?

Top 2: Cloud Strife Cosplay Boy

Final Fantasy is a theme of eternal allure for anime fans. This boy did a good job in Cloud Strife cosplay. The totally black outfit adds cool touches to his appearance. It seems like blond hair edged with sharp angles is a popular hairstyle on those fictional roles. If you are cosplay tifa, then to make an appointment with him will be a good experience?

Top 3: Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay Boy

Even though different people hold diverse appetite for those fantastic anime stories, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach is still loved by lots of people. The cool appearance presented by this boy exactly amazes almost each participant on the show. The black cosplay costume lined by white shirt inside makes his body shape seem rather slim. Sharp katana, blood stains on the hand and corner of the mouth make him look and feel more like real Ichigo Kurosaki. Such a handsome look certainly deserves attention as well!

Top 4: Lavi Rabi Cosplay Boy

Kaname is one of the most popular professional cosplayers nowadays. Being born on March 5, 1979 and 170 CM high, this boy have successfully impersonated so many anime roles, such as Lavi Rabi in D.GRAY MAN, Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy, Kaito in Vocaloid, Asato in Lamento, etc. He owns a rather slim figure and usually looks great with lots of anime roles. This time, the black outfit with red shawl definitely enables him to show his best once again. He seems like being destined to be an excellent cosplayer. Even one eye is hidden by a blinder, his appeal is not covered at all.

Top 5: Leon Kennedy Cosplay Boy

William is another famous cosplayer at present. He will be glad to hear friends call him Blues or Billy. Having been engaged in cosplay since 2008, he has gained incomparable reputation amongst the large quantity of cosplay lovers. Because of being not good at making costumes, most of his anime outfits are bought. Keeping a high passion for life, he is usually found on his Xbox or outdoors chilling with his friends. Here, he looks the same with real Leon Kennedy—a powerful man in Resident Evil. His bonny figure is wonderfully flattered by the black zentai suit. Leather belts, gloves and the gun are all crucial elements to accent his masculinity.

Top 6: Light Yagami Cosplay Boy

When large sized wings are put on, the handsome style becomes more fantastic instantly. This boy spares no efforts to make him look the same with real Light Yagami and honestly speaking, he really did well. His slim figure is the first guarantee that enables him to perform well. Second, the calm expression in his eyes makes us see a vivid Light Yagami undoubtedly. In the Death Note cosplay , this man definitely becomes a bright spot. What will be the feeling if dating with him?

Top 7: Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay Boy

The cool look presented by Noctis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy Versus XIII really leaves a deep impression on lots of anime lovers. This boy – JUNsan makes his Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay style to be noticed and applauded firstly because of his slim silhouette. Believe it or not, to choose a role whose body shape is similar with yours will help you perform much better. Second, the brilliant appearance becomes more appealing while being decorated by a totally black anime outfit. Finally, over 95% similarities are covered on his cosplay appearance, seeming really cool.

Top 8:  Russia Cosplay Boy

Seldom have I found a more smart appearance than this. An excellent cosplay boy for Russia is found in the Hetalia cosplay . Seeming amazingly similar with real Russia, this boy found the ideal cosplay costume to enhance his complexion and entire look. The grey wind coat becomes more effective in slimming the silhouette when being decorated by black strips. An understated clothing style enables him to show his best. The golden yellow hair definitely becomes finishing touch that perfectly matches his simple, yet cool look.

Top 9:  Dante Cosplay Boy

He seems having been ready for battle, right? It’s totally believed Dante from Devil may cry will be one of the best anime roles Abessinier can cosplay. The tall figure is perfectly adorned by the red overcoat and brown leather trousers. Like the sharp & long sword, the breast band is also an important element that accents his masculinity. So far, I have never found any defect on this Dante cosplay style. And I really feel curious about how many girls are attracted by such a rakish appearance. Do you also look forward to making an appointment with Abessinier?

Top 10: Allen Walker Cosplay Boy

Surprisingly similar cosplay costume makes you feel the same with real Allen Walker in D.GRAY Man. This boy definitely looks so similar with Allen Walker from top to toes. The white hair, black outfit decorated by white cape and sharp claw are strictly made to ensure over 95% similarities. It’s believed to feel like real Allen Walker will be interesting. This time, curves on his body are not clearly shown. But a cool appearance is still completed, making him attention center.

Is there cosplay boy you like? So why not try to find a cosplay lover to be with you in every Valentine’s Day ? 🙂

Top 10 Charming Cosplay Girls You Wanna Date

As cosplay becomes incredibly popular right now, People in different ages and nationalities bring their favorite anime, game or movie roles to the cosplay stage. They seem like enjoying the fantastic joy of feeling the same with fictional roles. Certainly, cosplayers embrace totally different life and also clothing styles during the shows. They get chances to make some differences in their life, which may never collide with their usual life paths. Anyway, the special joy gotten on a costume play often becomes an interesting toner for modern people’s life.

Some people are fond of putting on specially made clothes to look the same with their favorite anime roles on cosp,even there are some people who make a living by cosplay. But of course, everybody can be an excellent cosplayer. Below, we have our list of top 10 female cosplayers you will want to date in real life,who are beautiful and sexy. Just take a look.

Top 1: Sheryl Nome Cosplay Girl

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier draws most attention by a dolce & elegant look. Certainly, different with usually gorgeous appearances, dreamlike beauty is ideally expressed by that girl. Nowadays, Sheryl Nome is absolutely a poplar and even eternally hot anime role that frequently appears on costume plays. Here is an excellent cosplayer for Sheryl Nome, right? The blond hair looks great with her white complexion. Blue t-shirt, black shorts and knee-length leggings complete a casual yet sexy semblance. wanna dating her?

Top 2: Yoko Littner Cosplay Girl

photo from Midori

Without overdoing sexuality, this girl –Midori Kanda charms the crowd by a temperately sexy look. Looking perfectly similar with real real Yoko Littner—one of the favorite anime roles for lots of female cosplayers, she must be an eye-catching hit in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann cosplay team. Combination between black and dark red usually creates irresistible appeal. This also makes sense on this girl’s cosplay costume. The black-and-red bikini and the black shorts wonderfully flatter her slim silhouette. When pink scarf and leggings are added, the fantastic clothing style is well accented. Skeleton-like hair pin makes her total appearance much niftier. so wanna date Midori in life?

Top 3 Namine Cosplay Girl

photo from Ash Crimson

If you are a devotee for Kingdom Hearts, you must still remember the pretty scene when Namine wears a white dress and walks on the large grassland. This time, Ash definitely does an ideal job in bringing Namine to the reality. Her white dress with spaghetti straps and delicate lace hem make her figure seem rather slender. The white skin tone is wonderfully accentuated by the blond hair and also the white color of her dress. Nobody can deny she chooses the best anime role to cosplay, right?

Top 4: Amane Misa Cosplay Gril

Kipi from mpzero-one of the most popular professional cosplayers, many animes have been vividly cosplay by her. This time, Amane Misa from Death Note is perfectly impersonated by her once again. The black mini dress with spaghetti straps makes her appearance amazingly sexy. Silk stockings and various strange or exaggerating accessories on her body add mysterious and fantastic touches to her cosplay style. The long blond hair makes her black clothing style more eye-catching. Believe it or not, Kipi is considered to be one of “top 20 sexy cosplay girls”. If you wanna know more about kipi, check her fan site .

Top 5: Elf Cosplayer Girl

This girl for Elf definitely steals the limelight on the show exactly by a rather feminine and sexy appearance. She looks so similar with the real Elf from World of Warcraft. The harmonious color on her coat and inside bikini, mini dress makes her appearance princess-like. Before the oddly long and sharp ears are put on, she will be a girl who surprises the crowd by her dolce & smart look.

Top 6: Lara Croft Cosplay Girl

This female does a good job in Lara Croft cosplay—a powerful and brave woman in Tomb Raider. Certainly, she succeeds to make her look extremely similar with that fictional character. But what really makes her an eye-catching hit on the stage is her irresistibly appealing clothing style. Actually speaking, she looks so well in this black cosplay costume, which ideally adorns her plump yet not fat body shape and makes her so cool. . Both her complexion and figure are alluring, right?

Top 7: Black Widow Cosplayer Girl

photo from veidt.com
Jessica is an excellent cosplayer for Black Widow. She seems like feeling great with the black tights. Metal gloves, belt and tall canvas boots which will never been paired with bodysuits in most cases are all crucial elements in completing her fantastic cosplay style. Like before, slim silhouette is presented, on which mysterious & feminine appeal oozes out. Most people will look forward to making an appointment with her,right?

Top 8: Tifa Lockhart Cosplayer Girl

Tifa Lockhart is an anime role carrying evergreen force for cosplayers. This girl definitely do the best. She found ideal white bolero and black mini dress to enhance her figure. A graceful and temperately sexy look with female properties ideally accentuated must make her pop out in the Final Fantasy cosplay. Actually you can make your sex tifa easiy , just check out tutorial .

Top 9: Miku Hatsune Cosplay Girl

Maid outfits are always the first options for girls who look forward to adding sexy spices to their cosplay appearances. This girl for Miku Hatsune shows us a dolce look.The simple jacket is paired with a black-and-blue mini dress, seeming chic and rather feminine. Allure on the black leggings is not second to the appeal on her chic high heels. To enjoy yourself in the Vocaloid2 cosplay; you may get some important inspirations from the cosplay style shown by this pretty girl.

Top 10: Yuna Cosplay Girl

Black lace dress carries eternal appeal. This definitely makes sense on this cosplay girl for Yuna. The twinkling blue bolero edged with white lace and a long transparent sash spices up her cosplay look by a sense of dreamlike beauty. But the black lace mini dress makes the intangible prettiness become true. Charm released by this girl makes the fantastic Final Fantasy X cosplay world more interesting and beautiful. To make an appointment with her will be exciting!