One Piece Cosplay Contest – #16 Tom Stribley

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Name: Tom Stribley/Male/British

Social Networks: deviantart

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Moshi moshhhhhhh!

Ever since London Expo October 2009 i have been hooked on One Piece (he he he fishing puns) πŸ˜€ This was my first Expo event and i was cosplaying Shino pre-shippuden from Naruto … ever since discovering One Piece i have not failed to cosplay at least one character from the series at other events πŸ˜› I think i speak for everyone when i say One Piece is one of the best manga and anime series to date, i can’t get enough of it. Oda you are a genius. I mainly cosplay Sanji, but this October i will be going as Admiral Kizaru and Mr 2 Bon Clay. I wish i had a completed Bon Clay cosplay to enter in this comp as i love the costume!!! I’d have to say that Bon Clay is my favourite character from the series, i hope everyone else is feeling the love from this wonderful okama <3

The costumes i have entered into this contest are as followed:
Admiral Kizaru – Planned for October 2012
Original suit Sani – Worn at London Expo May 2011
Strong World Sanji – Worn at London Expo 2010

I loved making the gun for the Strong World costume, it’s so freakin’ big! (and heavy ha ha). It’s so big in fact that i couldn’t get it onto the train to take it to a convention and so it had to stay at home :'( Still as i said it was fun to make and at least i got some photo’s of it with me in the cosplay (a big thanks to Mr Jack Stiling). I am entering this competition very late but i thought “hey, why not” so there we go. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving One Piece and can’t wait to cosplay more characters in the future. I’m hoping to cosplay Stratchmen Apoo at some point, another one of my favourite captains in the series.

So, who will be crowned this contests Pirate King?

That’s where you come in!!! Happy voting everyoneΒ  ^_^


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