One Piece Cosplay Contest – #15 Zoe Patterson

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Name: Zoe Patterson/Female/British

Social Networks:, deviantart

Comments from the cosplayer:

Hello, my name is Zoe, and I have been cosplaying for 3 years. I live in the South of England, and the photos used in this entry were taken at Christchurch Quay. The costume I am wearing is Sanji’s costume in the One Piece Unlimited Cruise games. The jacket was entirely hand-sewn, and to date is the costume I am most proud of, debuting it at Minamicon 18 earlier this year, along with my friend Hannah who did Zoro (who also took these pictures). I have done several variations of Sanji (original suit, Mr Prince, CP9, Post-timeskip), pre and post-timeskip Trafalgar Law, Post-timeskip Nico Robin, Bon Clay (Impel Down) and Kaku’s giraffeman hybrid form. I am currently working on Marco’s hybrid form for the October London MCM Expo.

I love cosplaying from One Piece because of the diverse and colourful characters, and meeting some amazing friends!


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