One Piece Cosplay Contest – #10 Mel Rayzel

Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Mel Rayzel/ Female / Brazil

Social Networks: DeviantArt

Character: Nami

Comments from the cosplayer:

My real name is Melânia Alves, Mel Rayzel is my stage name because I’m a dancer and dance teacher. I love One Piece so I and my friends decided to cosplay at an event in Brazil (it was my first cosplay). I chose Nami in Time Skip version because I love her hair. Before the event I was at the mall and bought many new clothes, because I had many bellies to spend, despite the event being full of perverts wanting to see my panties being in Brazil was great because it has many beaches and could navigate quite.


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Winners and Prizes of the Contest:
One winner will be chosen out from every 15 contestants.


First Prize: any costume from our One Piece costume catalog, the costumes are showed below:



Second Prize: any wig from our One Piece wig catalog, or $25 cash coupon

Third Prize: $20 Cash Coupon

Winners after third will all get $15 Cash Coupons

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