New Partner-AlmostNerdy

Today, I want to introduce you guys our new partner-AlmostNerdy. will work with to promote anime,cosplay and game related contend.Especial you are a geek fans, you must check AlmostNerdy !!
AlmostNerdy is a one stop shop for all geeks and nerds and has everything a nerd could want under one is in full swing and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Their growth is staring to gain attention and turn some heads. They’ve created a website that is a one stop shop for all your nerd and geek related things. Almost Nerdy covers everything from movies, comic books, webcomics, sci-fi, TV shows, cosplay, gaming, conventions, collectibles, nerd humor, zombies, general nerd news, and anything considered to be nerdy.  Some of their popular weekly columns include Nerd Band of the Week, featuring an interview and music from some top nerd bands in the industry, and Cosplayer of the Week, interviewing and showcasing the work of Cosplayers from around the world. was started by Ashley Glenn in June of 2011. The idea was to bring all things related to geeks and nerds under one umbrella. The name “Almost Nerdy” came from a group of friends that are regular everyday guys that like sports and regular guy stuff but also enjoy nerdy movies, comics, and sci-fi.  “Dressing up as your favorite comic book hero or Star Wars character is no different than wearing your favorite team’s jersey. You’re simply supporting something that you love.” – says Ash. Almost Nerdy believes that everyone has a little bit of nerd inside them and they challenge you to Release Your Inner Nerd. Ash, or Ash Lee, has created a site that welcomes all geeks, nerds, and Almost Nerds. is designed to welcome anyone and everyone who wants to stay in touch with their nerd side. No one said you can’t be cool and still like nerdy things.
Head over to today and Release Your Inner Nerd!!


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