New Arrival on Dec. 31 – Bleach 3rd Division Captain Ichimaru Gin Cosplay Costume

Bleach cosplay contest will be launched tomorrow. Several participants have joined in the contest and we have scheduled their articles to be published tomorrow. Good luck, everybody. Once you are interested in Bleach cosplay, don’t be hesitant to apply now :P!

Bleach 3rd Division Captain Ichimaru Gin Cosplay Costume

This is the Bleach 3rd Division Captain Ichimaru Gin Cosplay Costume – a new arrival released in our factory. It’s sold on $84.62 with fast shipping. Believe it or not, it will take a crucial role if you look forward to doing a vivid Ichimaru Gin cosplay!

Bleach 3rd Division Captain Ichimaru Gin Cosplay Costume1

To make you feel the same with the 3rd Division Captain, this Bleach costume got an elaborate analysis before being cut. We have a group of experienced designers and tailors in the factory. So, it isn’t difficult for us to achieve this. Here, a shirt, coat, hakama and sash are offered. Luxurious cotton is used, which is much more durable, suppler and ventilated than uniform cloth. Besides, the costume can be easily washed. Just clean it in cold water and line it dry. It can be worn time and time again.

We continue to broaden the product line, aiming to cater to more customers’ needs. What’s more, each costume is available on custom-made size now. If regular size S, M, L and XL don’t fit you, just don’t worry and send us your measurement on height, bust, waist and hip. We will make the costume for you and ship it out ASAP. Customer service via email, phone and live chat deals with any problem from you quickly. So, check out this Bleach costume in our shop at once?


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