New Arrival on August 26 – Hetalia Axis Powers England Cosplay Costume

Hetalia Axis Powers England Cosplay Costume

After the Italy costume was finished, tailors continue to cut out the pattern for England costume. It’s completed and displayed here. To do a good job in Hetalia Axis Powers cosplay, why not try this England cosplay costume, available on $56.09 due to the discount activity now? 15% off is promised, with fast shipping and returning for a refund in 3 days.

Hetalia Axis Powers England Cosplay Costume

England costume includes a shirt, coat, trousers, necktie and belt. It’s made from luxurious cotton. The cloth shows you regular smooth. Plus being elaborately sewn, it does look classy and exquisitely. Buy cosplay costumes at, you don’t need to worry at all. All costumes are strictly made to be faithful to the anime. You will feel confident with your England cosplay with this deluxe yet cheap cosplay costume.

Hetalia Axis Powers England Cosplay Costume1

Due to being made from supple and ventilated cotton, the costume can be washed and lined dry. Now, size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made can be chosen. The costume will be shipped out in 48hrs. For 5% refund and another 10% discount, just send the dealer a review about the costume or take a picture with it and then send it back to the dealer. For more information, don’t be hesitant to contact us now.

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