Naruto Sakura Haruno Makeup Tutorial

Have you also wondered what it feels like to be a female ninja? A healer with pink hair and a pretty strong grip? I did! And now I don’t have to wonder anymore… For I am Sakura Haruno- well, Uchiha, if you’d like.

Try this wig if you’re going for Misses Uchiha

And this one for Miss Haruno

First of all you need to prime your face. Put on foundation and concealer and set it with some loose powder. If you want you can use some contouring.step-sakuraGreat! Now get your eyeliner. Sakura has pretty eyes which are very defined. Be sure to also get a part of your lower lash line with your eyeliner. Then put white eye liner on your waterline. I also put some on the inner corners of my eyes. I then used some soft pink on the outer corners of my eyes for a hazy effect. I also put on some pretty pink blush.

Next are everyone’s best fake friends! Get your lashes on! Blend them Fill in your brows with pink eye shadow. Use two colours for a more natural look but make it match your wig. You can now put on a soft lipstick, I chose something light pink and a little shiny. Throw on your wig! If you want you can draw that purple thing on your forehead with eyeliner.Now go beat those bad boys up!step-four

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