My Ludicomix Anime Convention 2015 in Italy


Hi! I am Dani Foca, Italian cosplayer, here to report about last week-end’s Ludicomix convention held in Empoli, Tuscany.

Ludicomix is quite a small con, and this year they decided to have it in the city center instead of choosing a defined location. So, cosplayers would walk around in the streets and could take pictures in parks and near the beautiful fountain, while in the main square there were booths selling gadgets and games, and the cosplay competition was held in a theater. The convention ticket was just 4€ for cosplayers!


Specifically, the convention decided to organise a “photography tour” where a group of photographers and cosplayers would move together to specific locations.



My cosplay for the first day (saturday 28th) was Jolyne from JoJo’s bizzarre adventures, in a version from the fly-high with Gucci special. I am a great fan, and found many other cosplayers from the same series!




Also, the peculiarity of the first day was a Pokémon-themed cosplay contest. Many children took part in it, but grown-up people as well! Here is a beautiful Nine Tails gijinka:


Also, in every single shop window, there would be something manga or comics related!! It could be small volumes, but in clothing shops they had full and beautiful costumes.



The second day, I was very excited to perform on stage with my Street Fighter group, in Italy we just LOVE competing in cosplay contests! We reharsed the battle gig for some time, and there were beautiful cosplayers all around the theater!





On sunday too there was a photographic tour, though I did not take it this time. At the end of the cosplay contest, there would be a funny traditional cosplay quiz: pics of cosplayers were shown on screen and two teams had to guess the character AND answer a question about the series. It was so difficult! I would have guessed nothing at all!
ludicomix_2015_13And here is a final picture with the winners on stage! I think the convention was pretty fun all around, there were not many booths but, from a cosplayer-point-of-view, there were fine activities and it was well organised, though I prefer conventions in closed spaces. Also, the ticket price is very reasonable and people from Tuscany are nice and fun! I think I will come again next year!ludicomix_2-15_14


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  1. Grazie per il selfie *_* (sono Jotaro) e complimenti a tutti voi per i costumi!

    1. Ah che piacere ritrovarsi così 😀 complimenti anche a te, se ti va aggiungimi su facebook! Con “Dani Foca” oltre alla pagina trovi anche il profilo 🙂

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