DanganRonpa-MonoBear Cosplay Ears Tutorial

mono-bear_zpsd2279bd5Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to do a Cosplay Tutorial on how to make MonoBears ears from the anime Dangan Ronpa. Some background information on MonoBear also known as MonoKuma is that he is the main antagonist in the anime Dangan Ronpa. MonoBear has a good and bad side of himself which is apparent because is body is equally split down the middle with one side of his body showing his good side and the other half showing his bad side. Depending on MonoBears mood determines which side of him you’ll see (Careful not to get on his bad side!). Now that you know the details of MonoBear let’s get started with the tutorial 🙂

What you’ll need for materials:

  • One Sheet of Black Felt
  • One Sheet of White Felt
  • Black and White Thread
  • Hair Clips
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Hot Glue
  • Paper
  • Black Marker

1. First draw out your pattern on paper with your black marker. The pattern will help be a guide as you cut the felt. As you make your pattern focus on what shape you want and how big or small you would like the ears to be. I used a plastic cup to draw my circle and added a tab at the bottom to know where the hair clips will go on my ears.

l2. Once you have your pattern, cut it out and position it where you want on the felt( you can start with the black or white felt repeat the steps for whichever one you don’t do first). When you have a position cut it and flip the pattern over to the other side of the felt and cut that one out too.oooo3. So far you should have two identical ears. Before starting repeat the same steps for the opposite colored ear.

ppp4. When you have your ears, place them on top of each other (now this is where it might get a little confusing so pay attention ^~^) After placing your ears on top of each other you’re going to sew around the ear, except where you’re going to place your hair clips. You leave this part open so that you can stuff your ears and give them more of a 3D effect. (Tip: When sewing remember to match up the colors of thread with the material, so the thread will blend in)


5. After sewing the area stuff the ears to your liking with Polyester stuffing. Tip: The more stuffing you put in the harder and more rounder your ears will get! So I do recommend getting as much stuffing as you can in the ears till you cannot stuff no more :3

ppppp6. After Stuffing the ears you can now sew up the openings! 😀

wararwarweare7. By now the ears should both look like little round balls (Pretty cute hehe) So now its time to add the hairclips! (Wooooo almost done). If you’re wondering where you can buy hairclips like this I recommend you visiting your local art supply store ^~^

ijeroijwoeirj8. I debated a long time with how to add the hairclips to the ears but after a long time I decided to go to the Old trusty Hot Glue Gun! (I use it literally for everything). Take the top of the hair clip and slightly cover it with hot glue and attach it to the bottom of the ears. (Hot Glue dries fast so don’t take too long!) Below is a picture of how the ears should look with the hair clips attached

ihoreihoiewhroi9. After doing all these step and attaching the hair clips to the ears your ears should look like this :3 (Sorry it was hard for me to get the hair clips in the picture XD)

poppIn the end I hope you ended up with some amazing MonoBear ears. This tutorial isn’t just for making MonoBears ears but also can be applied to different types of ears (My favorite is Kitty ears xD). If I had to give this tutorial a scale of 1-10 for the difficulty level. I would give this a 3 because there is indeed some sewing (but hey sewing isn’t too hard to learn :P). I hope you had as much fun doing this tutorial as I did (While working I rocked out to the Dangan Ronpa OST xD). So remember everyone Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, and Stay Creative.

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